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i think san antonio is wonderful. i also think southwest general hospital in sanantonio is pretty awesome, especially when you are lucky enough to have a supervisor as great as mine =)


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I love San Antonio. I bike also but mountain bike, there are plenty of trails. I lived in Austin for 3 years and it is definitely gay friendly. San Antonio isn't a bunch of bashers but most don't tolerate flamboyancy as well as austinites. The city has plenty to do when you care to look and aren't worried what people think of your sexual orientation. I work downtown and live northeast and could honestly have something to do every day. I also love my work place. Our manageris great too. I'm the manager. LOL.

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Great area. Job opportunites are good there. As a displaced native Texan myself I can tell you that you will find great Mexican food, great BBQ, nice people, great music and a fun atmosphere. Hot however. Good luck to you. Texas is a great place to live, especially the San Antonio/ Austin area.


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M2 nurse.........Did you get a job in SA ...........I am planning to move to SA.............Do you like SA.........Any Advise.


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No I decided not to get a job in San Antonio. It's a pretty nice area, I'm sure you will like it. Very hot though. Good luck to you!


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thank you...............I am applying for positions in ICU now,but no response.How long does the hiring process take usually???


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Not sure about hiring process but generally if you don't hear anything within 2wks, max 3 would consider other options

Thanks guys! These postings helped. I am too relocating to either round rock/austin or san antonio. I will admitt, it has been hard to get a response back. It seems tough everywhere right now.

TiffyRN, BSN, PhD

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As an experienced NICU nurse you are dealing with a different job scene than the new grads. Hospitals in the DFW area still hire new grads though it's my understanding they get dozens if not hundreds of applications for each new grad spot. But if you have experience and decent recommendations; there is no reason for you have to choose between Austin, Dallas, or San Antonio.

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