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Considering Nursing with 2 DUIs on my Record?


Hi...I am a male, who recently received a legitimate administrative discharge from the military and am now considering a career in nursing, but I have 2 DUIs on my record, the last one (and I mean last forever) occurred nearly a decade ago. I mention this b/c i'm not sure if the time-gap is relevant. For your information, both DUIs occurred in a state where the violations are not criminal, but fall into the motor vehicle category...meaning, if you run a criminal background check, no DUIs will be revealed...a motor vehicle abstract...well, that's another story. Aside form the exceptionally poor decision making that I exhibited in those two circumstance, which is very inconsistent with my character, I was unable, at least in my state, to plea to a lesser charge.

Curious whether y'all think that a career in nursing is a pipe dream? I've read on this forum some horror stories, where folks have gotten through nursing school, but then were denied licensure by the BON or even received licensure, but then, because of their record, were unable to find jobs.

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I would contact the state board of nursing in the state where you want to live after graduation. Different states may have different rules. I did know a nurse in Calif who had 1 DUI and was able to work as an RN in Calif. Good luck.

You might also want to talk to the teachers at the school you are interested in. Usually, they are nurses with experience and dealings with the BON. Time is certainly important. I know where I live, the BON meets like 4 times a year, so if you have to get a ruling you have to get your case in at the soonest meeting or wait another 3-4 months. Just something to keep in mind.