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Hello All,

I am writing this message to encourage people who are in a similar predicament as I once was.

 I finished nursing school in April 23' at the age of 41. I was always nervous due to my past criminal background which consisted of assault/battery, threats to due harm, disorderly conduct disturbance of the peace. I was 18 when I began to get these charges as I was in a tumultuous unhealthy relationship with a man and the mother of his child that brought on so much pain and had me confused and toxic. This also led to me having unhealthy friendships. I would continue to get these charges until the age of 23 and subsequently get arrested at the age of 26 due to an old case that was not properly disposed of. 

In the end, all of those cases were dismissed after completion of probation, restitution fees etc.. I was super scared when I applied to take NCLEX. I applied in October of 23' and finally got approved by GMC in Fecruary 24' (4 months later). I took my exam a week later and PASSED!

I wrote this message to encourage others because this forum really helped me in my waiting process. It was difficult and scary not knowing whether or not I would be approved and have this wonderful opportunity to be the nurse I deeply desired and worked hard for.

A few tips: When applying, know that any criminal charge you have or had in the past must be addressed regardless of disposition. The BON wants to know everything from when it happened, what was the outcome, what did you learn and how you go about preventing those things from happening in the future. It is very important that you are detailed in your letter addressing every charge, while also providing your record whether from the court house ( in my case I had to get it from probation as my cases were sealed so courts had no record). It is IMPORTANT that you check yes, if you have ever had a charge because in the eyes of BON a criminal charge regardless of disposition is considered a conviction. DO NOT OMIT!

The wonderful thing about BON is that they understand that we are humans and we make mistakes in life. They want to see authenticity and that actual change has been made. They are pretty forgiving especially if there has been no pattern of charges going forward. I also don't have any restrictions. I know it may be different for others depending on the types of charges. I was the worst of the worst in my eyes but by Gods grace, I have been given a second chance and now My title at my work place has changed to RN.

 Please be honest and be encouraged. I can answer any questions you may have. God Bless!

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A Beautifully written letter and very reassuring. I'm certain it will help lots of folks.

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😊Thank you. I hope it does 

You do think dismissed charges will disqualify a person from going on clinical sites ? 

It depends on the charge and the timeline. If it was dismissed and you haven't had issues getting jobs after a background check I would say that's a good sign.


I am a current nursing student with multiple dismissed charges one being a PTI. I am not sure if they would accept me or not for clinical rotations. 

Not sure what a PTI is. I wouldn't be able to tell you if you would be accepted or not but you should definitely try especially since you are already in a nursing program. Also, how long ago were they dismissed and are they sealed?


the first charge was 13 years which was pre-trial and intervention, second was in 13 years ago, and third was 9 years ago which all where dismissed but was not expunged. I am currently in the process of having them expunged. 

That's a good amount of time without any reoccurrences. So they will see there's no pattern. Even if you get them sealed that's good enough. I think major red flags are crimes against children and elderly. I feel that you're in a good position. I'm in the state of MA, and they're pretty strict so I'm hoping the best for you. 

Also, I had pre-trial interventions as well. 


im from nj but a reason for each charge was explained by me. Im hoping for the best. 

I'm praying for the best for you. 

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