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Emergency, critical care
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trixie333 has 47 years experience as a ASN and specializes in Emergency, critical care.

ER travel nurse

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  1. trixie333

    CHBC for Bergen Community College Nursing Program

    Very Alternative: but Fla. perfect for this A pathway to the health industry if you do not go for RN, whatever the reason: Continue ED. for business, thru MBA. Think of starting your own with you sending out a posse of nurses and NP's to f...
  2. trixie333

    CHBC for Bergen Community College Nursing Program

    An alternative pathway to consider: choose a field to complete a BS. Something like molecular biology or computer systems and info mgmt. or something else relevant to a skill set...school guidance can help you choose. Work w/ lawy...
  3. trixie333

    CHBC for Bergen Community College Nursing Program

    Hi Kevan, You have worked hard to get where you are. You have one more "class" to take, in my opinion. One or 2 nights soon, when you have some energy and won't fall asleep, sit with your computer and a notepad and look up Hark and Hark blog an...
  4. trixie333

    Preceptorship Predicament

    I would take a job at the larger hospital where you feel you would be a good fit. Getting off on the right foot, for you in surgery-short stay, is important. You also will have ample opportunity to increase your skill set quickly, and evolve into an ...
  5. trixie333

    Moral character hearing NYS for Nursing license

    The one board hearing I attended with a friend who was summoned happened almost 20 years ago. The day of hearings is scheduled in advance. Several different cases were heard. The hearing was open in that there were no restrictions at the door as to w...
  6. trixie333

    Sealed Record Pre-Nursing

    From what I have gleaned from reading over the years, the State Boards require full disclosure, though they seem to respect lawful protections like sealed records and do not use that against you. You can call them and ask to have your question answer...
  7. trixie333

    Indian Reservations South Dakota,New Mexico

    Only certain agencies staff the reservations. There is a government bidding process and they qualify every 3 years to staff these facilities. You can work on a reservation through the Right Solutions ( I have successfully x 14 yrs.), also I think t...
  8. trixie333

    DWI and Endorsement

    Get a lawyer. Tomorrow. Do not talk to ANY authority before you talk to lawyer. Read Hark & Hark blog. Start austerity budget at home. That's my advice. Best of luck.
  9. trixie333

    Calm my nerves?

    YOGA..............makes me stronger...........try a couple different teachers...you'll find a style/teacher that works for you....
  10. trixie333

    Help ! Is there life after (Warning with Stipulations )

    My advice is to get an attorney: some cost less than others. Many will work w/ you on a pay-back as you go system. A "Nurse lawyer" would be the best choice, and they often advertise in your Board of Nursing and state American Nursing Association new...
  11. trixie333

    Who's Drinking Haterade?

    To MedChica, Very insightful and helpful reply...you will be an awesome nurse....
  12. trixie333

    Wrong choice maybe?

    There's a lot of pain and suffering in this world. You can't change that. But you do make a difference for the better every day you show up for work. Thank you for all your hard work and for caring. Be sure to take as good care of yourself as you wou...
  13. trixie333

    overreacting or not, that is the question!?!

    You are right....time for the Dr.s to be accountable to pt. satisfaction and not just the nursing staff....sounds like your pain issues were not adequately addressed as well....I've been in the ER many years...as much as the pt. may appreciate all th...
  14. trixie333

    Co-Worker Pointing Fingers....

    If you ever find yourself saying anything, despite your best efforts to stay out of the storm, you must be prepared. By this, I mean the only way to get it out there without too much backlash is HUMOR........take some down-time, sooner than later, re...
  15. So...folowed your posts from Feb. .........what's the rest of the story?
  16. trixie333

    The derision in life...

    If you can be special enough to serve in the military, talk to all the recruiters, all branches...each branch could offer you a different package... in my opinion, the best pkg. is 4 yrs. @ nsg. school paid for by military, then 4-6 yrs. service afte...