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  1. trixie333

    Sealed Record Pre-Nursing

    From what I have gleaned from reading over the years, the State Boards require full disclosure, though they seem to respect lawful protections like sealed records and do not use that against you. You can call them and ask to have your question answered ( they have attorneys, as well, ) before you apply.
  2. trixie333

    Indian Reservations South Dakota,New Mexico

    Only certain agencies staff the reservations. There is a government bidding process and they qualify every 3 years to staff these facilities. You can work on a reservation through the Right Solutions ( I have successfully x 14 yrs.), also I think through Supplemental. Also, you want your own wheels on the reservation.
  3. trixie333

    DWI and Endorsement

    Get a lawyer. Tomorrow. Do not talk to ANY authority before you talk to lawyer. Read Hark & Hark blog. Start austerity budget at home. That's my advice. Best of luck.
  4. trixie333

    Calm my nerves?

    YOGA..............makes me stronger...........try a couple different teachers...you'll find a style/teacher that works for you....
  5. trixie333

    Help ! Is there life after (Warning with Stipulations )

    My advice is to get an attorney: some cost less than others. Many will work w/ you on a pay-back as you go system. A "Nurse lawyer" would be the best choice, and they often advertise in your Board of Nursing and state American Nursing Association newsletters. 1) Ask the lawyer to help craft a letter " To Whom it May Concern" explaining this mark against your license and make copies to submit with your job applications. 2) If you are truly innocent, ask the lawyer to petition the board for a review, try to "claw back" your fines, and then you and your lawyer can consider asking the attorney general of your state to review your case....the Board may be over-enthusiastic and a little off-base. In the long run, an attorney should help you protect your future income and your reputation and will be worth it: $60K/yr. for the next 20 yrs.? Worth a try....just sayin'
  6. trixie333

    Who's Drinking Haterade?

    To MedChica, Very insightful and helpful reply...you will be an awesome nurse....
  7. trixie333

    Wrong choice maybe?

    There's a lot of pain and suffering in this world. You can't change that. But you do make a difference for the better every day you show up for work. Thank you for all your hard work and for caring. Be sure to take as good care of yourself as you would like to for your pts. Living w/ depression requires you to engage effective coping strategies to feel good and feel strong...take care of the caregiver-you...find a balance between work and life outside of work. For instance, maybe the extra time at work is not so good for you? Don't let perfectionist tendencies keep you at work too long...you need to rejuvenate every day...good luck.
  8. trixie333

    overreacting or not, that is the question!?!

    You are right....time for the Dr.s to be accountable to pt. satisfaction and not just the nursing staff....sounds like your pain issues were not adequately addressed as well....I've been in the ER many years...as much as the pt. may appreciate all the efforts of the nurses and techs., it's the Dr. they came to see, for a diagnosis and treatment plan...the best Dr.s I've seen can accomplish a great deal by explaination and reassurrance in a mere 5 min. or less at the bedside, and make a Huge difference in pt. satisfaction outcomes. The lousy ones usually stay lousy, w/ a variety of excuses (we're full/busy;).... No, you are not overreacting, you had pain and illness and anxiety, with the prospect of no easy resolution to your health issues. Hopefully, your URI is abating now, and your kidney stone has resolved. I have personally seen in my career 3 cases of ectopics on pts. w/ hx. of hyst., so many Dr.s in the ER want HCGs on all fertile females w/ ovaries...hopefully, the R sided mass resolves or is not a big issue, and I wish you good health soon. Thank you for your story; it helps me to do a better job by seeing the visit from your point of view. I'm sure I would have been upset also, if the Dr. who ordered the CT scan did not give me the results. Very appropriate to vent.
  9. trixie333

    Co-Worker Pointing Fingers....

    If you ever find yourself saying anything, despite your best efforts to stay out of the storm, you must be prepared. By this, I mean the only way to get it out there without too much backlash is HUMOR........take some down-time, sooner than later, review the scenarios and issues that have come up, and make an effort to put the funny into it....practice how you would say it to lay it out there, but not be hurtful...sounds like a toxic environment is trying to germinate...can be diffused w/ giggles and laughs... very sticky political situation, good luck...
  10. trixie333

    Nursing Shortage? Maybe not so much . . .

    spend some spare time learning about the ihs in your area....they have a real need, offer reasonable pay and good benefits...and a tuition pay off program if you are serious... they also prefer bsn, so map out your education accordingly...
  11. So...folowed your posts from Feb. .........what's the rest of the story?
  12. trixie333

    The derision in life...

    If you can be special enough to serve in the military, talk to all the recruiters, all branches...each branch could offer you a different package... in my opinion, the best pkg. is 4 yrs. @ nsg. school paid for by military, then 4-6 yrs. service afterward..... OR... w/ 4 yr. nsg. school/BSN, then Public Health Service as your launching pad....
  13. trixie333

    The derision in life...

    I have 37 yrs. nsg. behind me, son is officer in military... from what you say, start out now as Air Force nurse (or Navy nurse or Army nurse)....you won' t regret it in the long run, potential for brilliant career in or out of military, and our soldiers will need your youthful, energetic dedication for as long as you serve...
  14. trixie333

    Fired After 50, Part I: What It's Like To Be A Statistic

    I like lamazeteacher's idea of Nurse agencies to staff any health access...I had come to this conclusion halfway through this thread, as well as after reading all 15 pages of her blog...this would be a great way to evolve for a number of reasons: 1/ it would empower nurses to give adequate care and staffing to each individual work situation; 2/ it would eliminate 'blurring' the lines of job descriptions (some of my RN positions have required housekeeping duties in the past, over and above a pt's. clean environment needs) 3/nursing could compete w/ other 'revenue' centers in the big business format of healthcare delivery and bill their clients according to workload, procedures, safety issues, even family/visitor care 4/ it would provide a 'protective' layer between hospital management and nurses vulnerable to biased or less-than-fair treatment. I'm sure I could go on and on...I'm shootin'-off-the-cuff now. Indirect advantages? many nurses would become quite savvy at delivering care incorporating the business model and beat these profit skimmers at their own game, new-grads. for sure would be folded into contracted teams to meet staffing contracts of various facilities, competition among agencies would raise nursing care standards in real-time, and the potential to carve-out billions of $ from today's established health care profit centers would surely carry the respect for nursing that so many nurses currently complain has been lost. Don't even say the word union...say New Rules...a new business/enterprise for the delivery of nursing care....oh yeah...instead of bullying and intimidating nurses about Press-Gainy scores, the healthcare centers would be beseeching nurses, asking us how can they help us get good scores.........To change to this would be huge, but it could work. Of course, I would expect all the administrators to have a nursing background, or what's the point???
  15. trixie333

    Help looking for work, RN on Probation

    Would you consider school for a law degree? To help others through what you are going through?
  16. trixie333

    Help looking for work, RN on Probation

    Though you may be filling out applications to work as an RN up and down the state of California, I think you should also fill out an application for employment @ the Board of Nursing..... .........you said you have no problem working anywhere, and maybe there is a way that they can help you fulfill their own stipulation.....you never know........it is California....

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