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Considering continuing with Excelsior for BSN


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Any thoughts on this? Are there better programs?

I only have 7 classes, and that means that if I enrolled as soon as I pass my RN boards, I could be done by Christmas next year.

Any thoughts on this either way is appreciated!

Take a look at their program and compare it to others. For example, I know off hand that the Chamberlain program has no clinical classes, an important feature for many. Also Chamberlain is expensive, but many find that ok because they don't want any clinical. I got that insight just by reading posts on this forum. You can gain good first hand info this way.

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There are tons of accredited RN-BSN programs out there ... looking at local/state universities is always a great idea, too. I didn't continue with EC because it wasn't a good fit for my 206 credits. Might work well for you, though.

Chamberlain, by the way, does have some experiential learning projects; while not traditional clinicals, these projects do require students to seek out professional contacts for interviewing and information.


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Disclaimer: I love EC :D

The biggest thing why I went with EC for my BSN was a huge support system they have. All my phone calls and all my e-mails was answered in a very timely manner. I finished their ASN program in 4.5 month. I wouldn't be able to do it without the support EC staff gave me. Was a huge difference with my local college, where I couldn't get anyone on a phone for weeks.

Another thing - no clinicals. For Professional Socialization I had to design a project and find a mentor to work with. But I could choose the area and choose what I wanted to learn about, so I didn't have to waste my time doing something I already know how to do.

I have 3 classes left, plus a couple of Gen. Eds. Well, still love it :D

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i was wondering the same thing so that all my credits will be applied, and it would be easier to just stay doing the same thing! =) I also have my husband's Post 9/11 GI bill to pay for my BSN and since EC is military friendly i think it would be beneficial.

Are books included in the price of the courses you have to take? If not can you get by with older editions like with the ASN program? that is the only thing my gi bill will not pay for since hubby is still active duty i will not get any monies for books!


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No, books are not included.

For Management and Community-Focused Nursing I bought books, passed the test and sold the books back on half.com. So, that was easy :)

The others I had to buy and, because I need the same books for several classes, (and for Capstone I'll need all books that I used for all previous classes) I think I'm going to just keep them. Plus, I really liked one of the HA books (the most expensive one, of course :) )

On a couple of books I went one edition down, was ok for me so far. the others I had to buy new.

Anyhow, it wasn't too bad. I think I spend around $250 on books I'm keeping.

I am also interested in the bsn any info would be appreciated

TashaLPN2006RN2012, ASN, RN

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250 for books doesnt sound to bad so that would be okayout of pocket...i was thinkinbg itwas going to be like more than a thousand for books and i dont know if i could manage that one at all!

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I am also staying for my BSN. I looked at Chamberlain and 20k is just tooo much $$ for me. My EC degree will be less than 8k and then I am off to get my FNP which is another 25k so money is a big consideration for me. I should be done with my BSN by December of 2011. Soo excited :)

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