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Okay, I know it's early, but Yale is my first choice, and I'm already terrified that I'm going to screw it up. My goal is New England (although I'm also applying to Pace because they have this... Read More

  1. by   dfraello
    Hey Strawfallman,

    I am replying to S. Esposito. I am also interviewing for adult pyschiatric!
  2. by   dfraello
    My interview is on the 29th though
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  3. by   hilife808
    I too got an interview for FNP but no specific date or time. Good luck to those who are still waiting to hear. If you didn't get an interview, I know University of Hawaii is still accepting applications until the 2nd of January. Congratulations to those of you got an interview
  4. by   Marinara
    Yay! I got an email right before the end of the day saying that I would also have an interview, but no definite date or time yet. I'm so excited!

    Congrats to everyone who got in!
  5. by   Ramapomatt
    Got my notification. Jan 29th interview for Acute Care.
  6. by   jbs926
    Hi All,

    Got my interview invitation to Yale this AM- I'm applying to the FNP track. I also applied to UW-Seattle, UVM, and University of Southern Maine. Anybody else applying to or heard from any of those schools?
  7. by   ooooladoula
    Hi jbs926,

    I applied to UW as well, but for CNM. We should hear yes/no by next week. eeek!
  8. by   CATCHABABY
  9. by   ooooladoula
    Hi Catchababy,

    I did do an interview at UW but went up Seattle to see the campus and did the interview in person. (sorry to hijack the yale thread with UW talk)!
  10. by   CATCHABABY
    How was the interview...................
    I am contemplating a major career change and am nervous about it. I know I shall not have much support but still am seriously considering. Lets see. I got a reject from Yale so a little bummed about it.

    Any GEPN UW THREADS 2010
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  11. by   ooooladoula
    I think it went ok, a little nervous but it followed the general outline of the application in respect to questions they asked. I think they just wanted to see how clearly and concisely you could answer questions and what your interpersonal skills are like. It's a huge career change for me too. Good luck, we should all hear something by the end of the month!

    I haven't seen any, I searched high and low... I guess maybe we should start one and not bug the Yale folks
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  12. by   rocker66
    Hi guys,
    Ive been through the Gepn interview process the last two years and again next month, I also live in CT. If anyone has any questions I can answer I would be happy to answer them.
  13. by   maziemoo22
    Hi rocker, 3rd times a charm!! I'm just curious what type of questions they asked you?
    Where there any questions regarding your major? Do you remember any specific questions that they asked you at both interviews?

    Also, I know they let you know why didn't they accept you,were you able to find out and would you be wiling to share (if not thats cool)?

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