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  1. by   cmo421
    Quote from akwill
    I am currently at Three Rivers Community College in Uncasville, working on my pre-requisites to apply to the RN program. (which I have heard for years is a great program) I have just turned 50 am and thinking that I want to have a real good idea of where I want to be when I am done - on a 5 year plan, as I am working full time. I have always thought labor and delivery would be cool. Anyone have feedback on that or other areas of nursing that you love?

    If you r working in the medical field now, see if you can float to different units and get a feel. If not, I would wait and see how you find the different areas of clinical. Your thinking will change once you are doing hands on stuff in school. Good luck and enjoy!
  2. by   akwill
    I'm Ann in Old Saybrook. I am working on my Pre-requisites and plan to apply to the nursing program at Three Rivers Community College next Fall. Can anyone tell me about online nursing schools? I am concerned that I may not get into the program, but want to pursue this career path. Does CT recognize any of the online nursing degree programs?

    Also, what is the average salary one can expect to get in CT with an Associate RN degree?
  3. by   mbhulai

    I am currently in the nursing program at Goodwin. I am feeling the GI upset, and wondering if I made the right choice? Are these normal feelings.
  4. by   akwill
    What part is making your GI upset? ARe you currently in clinicals?
  5. by   suejara
    Hi my name is Susana, I graduated (survived) Lincoln Tech's LPN program (New Britian) in July 07. I have started Excelsior College to pursue my RN. I recently got a job a pediatricians practice.

    Good luck all nursing students.
  6. by   cast924
    Hello everyone!! Hopefully everyone is enjoying this cold weather!! I currently work in one of the New Haven, CT Hospitals and have been working in the Telemetry floor for the past 17 months since graduating and still learning something new everyday!!
  7. by   julietoo
    Hi Cast924! I'm an RN returning to the hospital setting very soon...I have a question. I was wondering how much a nurse working in your area(New Haven) can make hourly. If you don't feel comfortable responding...I certainly understand!! It's just that I have asked this question a few times before on these forums, and I really never get an answer. I know there are many variables...shift, unit, experience etc...but any info you have will be greatly appreciated!! Thank you:icon_smile:
  8. by   cast924
    Hi Julietoo!! Since starting last year the starting pay for new graduates was $26.50....that starting rate also was higher for other new grads if say they worked as Student Nurses in the hospital...maybe like a dollar more....within six months you get your review and a raise up to $1 and then another six months another raise based on your review score...There are also the differentials for working evenings which I think it's about $3.50 more for Evenings, $4.00 for Weekends, $4.50 for Overnight it's nice when your working weekends on the overnight..there are other things you can also do to increase your salary pay as your experience applying for the Clinical Ladder II.....Hopefully this information helps you out...since my perspective is for a fairly new nurse....
  9. by   akwill
    I recently attended the CT League for Nursing-

    They sponsored a RN student day and 800! fellow nursing students showed up. It was great, with a keynote speaker who discussed passion and compassion in the profession. The powerpoint presentations will be posted on the website. It was an inspiring event for a nursing student and the league is committed to nursing and education. I recommend that everyone check it out! Another resource for networking.
  10. by   RN28MD
    Hello I have my RN liscence but currently a stay at home mom for 3 years now. Would like to get back to it but just can't seem to find the time. OH I graduated from UCONN and would love to stay fresh with any questions anyone has out there. Would love to help. Good luck to everyone. OH and I did Med/Surge nursing
  11. by   RNtoJD
    Hi Everyone! RN for 11 years now. Most recent experience is in Pediatric Emergency. I currently work per diem and will graduate from UConn Law School in May. Nursing has been very good to me!
  12. by   jetson
    Greetings. Just finished my RN studies in Minneapolis; should (?!) pass NCLEX within the next month or so.

    My wife and I are planning a move to New London because she loves the city. Myself, I need to start my RN career on a med/surg floor - ideally, in a hospital with a top-flight new-grad program. In another post I asked about information in this regard.

    I am So EXCITED to be done with school AND to begin my RN career! I've worked in LTC for 6 mos. as an LPN and have learned very much - but realize I've got a lot more learning to do.

    Thank you. Jetson (GRN)
  13. by   R0xyg4l
    Hello! My name is Kristina and I'm an LPN. I graduated from Lincoln Tech in New Britain last year. Since then my life has been fabulous! I still want more, so I'm going back to Goodwin this Fall and taking my pre-reqs to get into their program! I live in SouthEastern, CT!