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I was turned into the board for diversion; and am currently under investigation. I was told that I would be under investigation for 3-6 months and would hear from the board at the end of the investigation. Currently am only working sporadically bc I resigned bf being terminated from primary job; and only working sporadically at part time bc they aren't aware I'm under investigation.

i hav several questions. 1)Has anyone ever been hired while under active investigation?

2) I'm assuming ppl who talk about their contracts are referring to the diversion programs; I realize it varies from state to state but I'd like to know how long some of u were under the contract before being allowed to practice again? 3) and what types of jobs were you able to get in the meantime.

im 30yrs in; disillusioned/ frustrated and burned out of nursing at this point. I'm doing the math; and it seems between suspension and the Amy of time it may take to find a job; I'm looking at 5 yrs; or so.

I will do the program obviously bc I don't want jail time but I'm in the beginning stages of this nightmare tht I caused; I could use the support.

lastly; has anyone ever been able to get a job as a CNA while license suspended?



I can tell you what I've seen:

1) As long as you have an unrestricted license you can use it and get a job. From the time of my DUI it too about 6 months for them to restrict my license. Work as much as you can now because later getting employment maybe an issue

2) I was ordered to complete "treatment" before I could return to any type of nursing work. Such treatment took about 5 months. After that my license was restricted and I was not allowed to return to my job in the ER for about a year and a half. In the interim after treatment I worked in case management as assigned by my employer.

3) The jobs that seem to be popular for nurses in recovery are dialysis and long term care from what I've seen.

Finally, completing these programs don't seem to have anything to do with criminal charges. If the District Attorney files criminal charges against you the BON cannot simply tell them to stop because you are in a monitoring program. However, criminal charges for diversion seem very rare. I've seen it but only when it involves cases of major diversion over a long period of time.

Good Luck!!!

Thank you; when you look at my license on the boards website; tho active; it s states active/ under investigation which is is is like kryptonite. I may as well already b suspended. Most applications say "unencumbered" and oc I must divulge why I'm under investigation; plus they can find out the charges from the board. I don't know how I allowed this to spiral into this.

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From what I've observed "under investigation" is just by the board, not criminal/jail time. If any criminal thing we're ongoing, I don't think it would be published on any website for sure. The department of health or whoever does this thing for professional licensing has thier own investigations people.

The usual route seems to be, refrain from practice-evaluation/treatment-contract with stipulations-return to work (although finding a job can be somewhat challenging but not impossible). The time frame seems to be anywhere from 6 months to however long it takes to find a job. There are a lot of moving parts to the process.

As far as working as a CNA, generally when under contract you cannot work in any other healthcare position without also addressing the contract concurrently. I reckon, the idea being that you cannot relinquish a nursing license and go be rad tech, for example, in order to avoid the contract and it's associated dreck.

If you've got 30 years in and have no desire to continue nursing there is always the option of relinquishing the license and walking away. I am younger and it's a thought I've had over the last years but I'm either too stupid or too in love with what I do. Either way there's no shame in just being done with a profession that drives people to give thier all at the expense of themselves and then be stepped on by thier own.

If you did indeed divert and you do have an issue and are willing to do the program, it may be of benefit to go ahead and start the process now voluntarily instead of waiting for the board to order you into it. It just *might* keep this from ultimately being a permanent mark on your license. I am not in this sinking canoe over addiction but for other reasons and tried that, but it did not work that way for me, but supposedly that is how it should work. It's better than nothing, plus it gets the wheels turning ASAP.

Regardless of which route you take, if you have an issue with substance use, it is something you need to address, however you choose to address it.

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Legally you don't have to tell the current employer about the investigation, only after there is a charge and requirement(s) by the BON. When is your license to be renewed? If it's coming due this summer, when your current employer looks, they will find the investigation. Be the best employee you can right now and consider lawyering up. Best of luck.

Thanks; I really think this will be it for me; if I was only a few yrs in; I'm SURE I'd fight for my license but at this point; I'm reading what others go/ have gone thru idk if I have the strength to go thru it.

The other issue is; of course, now what??.. all Ik how to do is be a nurse. Considering just getting a phlebotomy certification and hope eventually I can get a position doing tht. I just know tht I will MISS parts of being a nurse.

Tht is good information to have; my guilty conscience is killing me not letting my part time employer know what's going on. The good thing about my license at least is it doesn't expire til sept. And by tht point; I'm sure I would've heard from the board by tht time bc I thought the same; once they ask for my renewal; they'll see tht it's flagged. No one else will hire me once they see I'm under investigation. I totally understand but it just sux. Glad I have a small financial cushion and am giving up my place and moving in w family.

Dilaudid was the death of my life as I knew it.

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I totally understand but it just sux.

Dilaudid was the death of my life as I knew it.

Hey, You are here and alive and that is what counts! Dilaudid could have been the REAL death of your life. If being a nurse is what you love, keep on this road. I know in some states, the offender has the option of going through these programs and coming out with an unencumbered license.

That CAN be you. Yes, hoops to jump through, cups to pee in, meetings to sit through, but, if nursing is your dream, don't give up.

Hang in there. I myself, failed out of the confidential program that would have kept my license "mark free". Now, I am fighting to get it back and know I will forever have that mark on it, if I am granted the privilege.

Know that we are all here for you and cheering you on, whatever you decide!

Take a breath, get whatever help you need with your addiction and take one day at a time!

Great, Great advice RN1965. For some of us its about getting through this and minimalizing the damage. Nobody comes out of this unmarked in my opinion

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