Quick results say i passed, famous pvt says i passed. I called boards today after receivng a letter saying my release of exams will be delayed. The lady said in my file it was noted delay in breaks or delayed breaks? I only took one break. Anyone else have this happen to them? They said I would have a letter by next Friday:confused:


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What? delays in breaks? how does it affect the results? First time reading about this.


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I'm guessing the computer kept popping up did I want to take a break and I kept clicking no. I only took one break. maybe that has flagged my account. She wouldn't go into it further.


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just relax ok. congrats


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I'm trying to. But they kept asking did something happen at the testing center? Now im so paranoid they are thinking I took the test too fast, took a break too short (i was dying to get it over with and didn't want to take additional breaks to add to my anxiety.) The break room i was in there was a lady there the ENTIRE time. I ate a granola bar and drank some coke they gave me and took my diabetes med!!! Im getting paranoid they are thinking i cheated or something. I know this all sounds psychotic but i have done nothing but study for months! had no social life, etc. I consistently studied day and night. im exhausted. I called NCLEX/Pearson myself and they said if it was on hold then i wouldn't be able to get quick results saying i passed and they had NOTHING noted in my file. My husband even called the boards and I did again (i was so upset) and they told me to call the NCLEX/Pearson people.

Seriously, if i was accused of doing something at the center wouldn't someone had said anything???? I didn't wear a hat, i showed them my pockets, etc etc. i think high anxiety has set in.

When I got my LPN I passed the first time but it took FOREVER to get my official result. Im really depressed now...:crying2:


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Ok, i did the online pay pearson vue and it says i passed as well as the phone call. The letter was dated from when my results were on hold and i couldn't get quick results or pvt then. so im taking this as a pass. sorry to annoy.


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You have a valid concern. I would worry too. Just try to let it go and wait for your official results. Good luck.


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I got my official letter from BON! I passed! :nurse:


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