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I'm about 6 semesters away from the NCLEX but I've been reading as much on this site as possible and when I read this section I became a little confused.. What is this thing about the test shutting off after 75 questions? Why is it a good thing that the test shuts off after 75 questions?

---Curious Curious

Here's the deal--if you had the sense that you knew most the questions, and therefore got them right, then the test probably shut off because you clearly demonstrated that you were "safe" as a new graduate nurse.

If however, the test shut off at 75 and you had the sense that you were pretty much not hitting the mark, then the probability is that it shut off because you had enough wrong answers to demonstrate that you are not yet a "safe" new graduate nurse.

For more than 75 questions, the probability is that if you missed the last question, it was just enough to demonstrate you weren't safe enough. If you got the last question right, it was just enough to show that you were.

And what it all boils down to is, you really don't know until you see your results just how well you did!

But if you are six semesters away from the NCLEX, I wouldn't worry too much about the NCLEX, I'd focus on the material you are learning today. If you enjoy learning, and if you especially enjoy learning about nursing, you'll do fine!

(Focus!!!! :) )

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