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I took my NCLEX last month and didn't pass. I had 205 questions and it shut off. I had tons and tons of the conference questions. About the nurse attended a conference or in-service on... "something" and answer it. None of them made sense to me, and I have no idea how to answer it. Should I study pt teaching or what? Im so overwhelmed! PLEASE, PLEASE someone help :) thanks!!!!


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I'm also wondering about conference questions. How are they presented? Are they like the usual questions about teaching or learning with multiple choices?


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A nurse is teaching staff about some sort of disease/process etc. The nurse would be sure to include which of the following instructions during the conference/meeting.

It would give you several statements about the process and you would have to decide which one to teach and which one didn't apply or wasn't relevant. All of the statements seemed right to me because, honestly, I had never heard of the disease or whatever it was beforehand. That's why I had to guess. Some times all of them were right I suppose, but they wanted you to decide which one would you definitely stress in the meeting about this medical procedure/disease etc. I guess they could be considered priority.

The obvious priority questions were something like "You are the nurse on a telemetry unit. You have just received report on the four following patients. Which patient would you see initially? The options would be something like 1) a CHF patient complaining of constipation for 3 days 2) a patient with chest pain who was there for MI three days prior 3) a patient complaining of abdominal pain scaled 3/10, 4) a patient who complained of dizziness after a dose of nitroglycerin. Either two of the options were obviously wrong or they all looked completely right. THIS is why I think these type of questions are hard for me because the answer wasn't obvious.

On the conference questions you either knOw which answer applied to what was being taught. I could usually narrow them down to two just because some of the answers would include words like ONLY, or ALWAYS. If they did I eliminated those options because there is rarely a case where you would always do something.

For example:

The nurse is holding an inservice about the treatment of heart failure with digoxin. Which of the following are most important to include...

1) Verapamil can increase the serum levels of digoxin (TRUE)

2) Digoxin is contraindicated in patients with second or third degree atrioventricular block (TRUE)

3) When administering digoxin, take the apical pulse for 30 seconds and hold the dose if pulse is less than 60bpm (FALSE)

4) Pediatric therapeutic levels are typically 0.5 to 0.9 ng/dl (FALSE)

5) Beta blockers can increase the serum levels of digoxin (TRUE)


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Basically, you either have to"Teach" or you are the one being "Educated".

So remember to simply apply what you know about teaching-learning principles, like: assess what the client knows already before teaching, return demonstration is the best way to confirm that the learner has understood and can apply what has just been taught, and modify teaching plans in consideration of any learner disabilities.

Another principle you have to apply is prioritization. When you have a long list of tasks that needs to be taught, which is the most important to teach. For example, if you have to teach a post-operative client about the numerous follow-up care needed after discharge, remember to prioritize infection control principles (aseptic technique when changing dressings, recognizing S&S of infection).


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I am proud to say I passed my NCLEX with 86 questions. I had tons of those conference questions. Eghh I hated them I wasn't sure if the answer was correct. Obviously they were, cause I successfully PASSED... YEA!!!! Thanks for all the great info!


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Hello please tell me how you studied for these i had a ton of them on nclex as well and was unsuccessful i would like to be prepared next time


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amy9999 Thanks for the info! I don't recall these questions when I took the NCLEX first time I was too nervous!