my computer shut down at 85 and i freaked out

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:yawn: for sure never be nervous like that.taking the NCLEX gave me butterflies.First my fingerprint thing wasn,t working....Going to exam room ....with most of the questions being select all that apply thought i was gonna fail this exam.had many questions on medication..after doing 84 quesions clicking on the 85th question and my computer went blue and the survey questions came.for sure my mind was racing and i was like not fair to only get 85 and yet there were 205 questions.Walked out of the exam center and i knew i had failed.Having learnt had to wait two business days to retrieve my results ...was going to be long weekend till monday.Did my exam on thursday.Went to work friday and saturday on my way home passed by my mail box ...only to get a letter from board of nursing i quickly opened it but didn,t know what was there.only to see i have passed.....never been happy like that.

advice to all taking exam....don,t freak out if your computer shuts at 85 ,always a good sign i understand.


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pls pray for me too, taking mine soon for the first time..but congrats to u.

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