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i am 19 years old and i am taking my pre nursing classes. i attend de anza cc in cupertino, CA. i would like to transfer to a cal state or a private university. i just have a quick question regarding General Education Classes. Do i still have to complete the GE breadth requirements for me to go to transfer or do i just take the pre reqs to the program? like bio, chem psy, stats, algebra, soc, etc.

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You have to take those GE classes eventually in order to take upper division courses and graduate. I don't think it's a requirement to transfer (at least to a state college--alot of the UC's require you to finish your pre-reqs and GE), but you probably should do them while doing your pre-reqs; it will make your course load more manageable.


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Check with the colleges your trying to transfer too... I know it is possible to transfer to states without having the breadth complete, but there are still minimum transfer requirements you must complete prior to applying. I'm finishing up my pre-reqs and GE at the cc before i transfer to state. You mine as well get as many credits out of the way at the cc to save money & classes at colleges have been harder to get in to due to state budget cutsss, well at least the schools near me :) Goodluck!


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See an advisor in the nursing department. The logical places to make an appointment would be at SJSU or CSUEB.


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^ unless you don't want to go to either SJSU or CSUEB LOL. Both of those schools have different requirements