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Does anyone know of a college that offers a com class in two week period of time? I have to have that class done before aug. 27th or I can't start nursing school

Nevermind, my idea wasn't a viable option. Sorry.

O_o looks like you won't be starting then. Why did you wait until 3 weeks before you start nursing school? And you know you needed the class by the end of this month?

Do you think you can do a semester's worth of work in two weeks if there was a way? Either by having a strong enough background in com (formally or informally) or a photographic memory or something.

I have a previous undergrad in psych. I have open spots for electives, at the start if all of this they told me I could integrate some if these classes into my schedule. Now they are saying otherwise. So here I sit. I can do one that will be done by october but they aren't accepting that. It really stinks. I have done everything but this last communications class.

Hm, this is probably as stupid question but didn't you need a basic com course for your psych degree?

Otherwise - there is a fair amount of com concepts in psych - you've probably got much of the concept parts and some of the vocabulary to maybe you could. Therefore - you could ask if you can challenge the final exam of the class. You would probably have to pay the tuition and maybe take a com class later anyway (you could offer to take a different one - show that you aren't just trying to see the exam - speech instead of interpersonal com or something).

It is a very, very long shot - this isn't done very often and when it is, it is usually for much more standard content (like math classes). But, if you can convince them that they originally said x and then changed it to y - and that you have enough relevant background to have a good shot at it... they might. If you know the name of the person who told you, it would help. Especially if he should have known (a nursing advisor rather than a general advisor) and if it either wasn't in the written policies or he explained why it would work even though it was against policy or common practice.)

I did do a basic comm class. This is effective public speaking. I also have a license in counseling, so I thought about challenging it because obviously there is a level if public speaking involved with group therapy.

May be a long shot because it is a communications class... But have you asked your school if they offer a CLEP test for this class? if not, I would try and challenge it in someway if you can. I seriously doubt you will be able to find a communications class that will be completed start to finish in two weeks. Good luck!

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I was about to suggest CLEP, but I just looked through their exams and Comm Studies isn't listed. I would look up the credit by exam policies of your college and see if they offer placement exams or anything that may help.

Perhaps you can file an appeal. Your psych major should have required plenty communication in many forms.

BTW, my previous college offered intersession classes that lasted two weeks, comm studies was one of the courses offered, and it ran about $650. (I loved those intersessions. Never had a chance to forget anything, so as long as you put in the work, you almost always came out with an A.) Your OP wasn't as farfetched as you may think.

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