Communication class needed for license?


I am a recent graduate of an accelerated BSN program in NJ looking to relocate to California. I have applied to take NCLEX in Ca but I received a letter informing me that my transcript does not indicate that I have taken a communication class.

Question (s): Do you need to have taken a communications class to be licensed in the state of California? If so, what sort of communications class? Not to brag but I went to Northwestern University for my first bachelors degree and worked in the publishing industry for seventeen years. English is my first language. No one in either of my schools, nor my career has ever mentioned that I cannot communicate effectively.

Could someone please help me out with some information? I would hate to have to put off NCLEX further due to this. I would think my work experience should suffice.

THanks very much.

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Hmmmm.... interesting.

Sorry you're experiencing this roadblock. It shouldn't have anything at all to do with receiving your ABSN out of state and then initial NCLEX here. Lots have done so before.

During your first undergrad did you never have a speech class or public speaking or verbal communication or whatever each individual school calls it for their undergrad general ed. requirements? I though this was pretty universal but, unfortunately, perhaps not?

Yikes--hopefully Suzanne or someone can come along and help. If nothing else, every CC and UNI in CA will have a speech class. Would be ultra sympathetic if you actually had to enroll and complete one before testing here

Wait, actually, forget it, I'd just take the test in NJ if the alternative was to wait a whole semseter, right?

Really? I find it so hard to believe that not even some random english classes from degree #1 wouldn't cut it...You did send in all transcripts, right? Not just from the ABSN? Maybe that's why?

Bleh--good luck!


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Thanks for your reply. Actually, my program did not require a communications class. I did take numerous English and history classes, including seminars which required more interaction. I would hope that one of these classes would suffice. To answer your question about my transcripts, I forgot to send out those other than my BSN but have ordered them so perhaps that will be enough (fingers crossed).


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If you already have a bachelor's degree than you had to have taken a communications class. Make sure they have all of your transcripts.


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Many 4 year colleges do not require a speech or communication classes, so it is possible that although you have a Bachelor's Degree, you will still have to satisfy the CA requirement. I have an undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley, for which I was NOT required to take any sort of speech or Communications class to graduate (BA English Lit.) The UC system has no such requirement, however the CA State school system does. I now have to take Speech 101 while in NS before I can sit for my CA boards.

I know that many Community Colleges offer 6-week Speech classes during their summer sessions.

Hope this helps. Good luck.:specs:


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Thanks to all who answered my query. Although I have not taken a communications or speech class per se, I have had to give presentations in several of my nursing school classes as well as numerous papers. On top of that, in my previous job I served as a liaison between the editorial and sales departments of Time and Fortune magazine. So I am hoping that there is a way for my dean and perhaps a previous boss to advocate on my behalf so that I do not have to take such a class. Can't hurt to try, I suppose.


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I have a BS in Biology and was never required to take a speech or communication class. Since I'd completed all my science pre-req's for the RN program, I went ahead and took speech in summer school last year at a CA CC and was done with it in 3 weeks. Can you take the NCLEX in NJ?


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I can't remember how it worked, but when I applied to get my second bachelor's, I had to show proof of a communications class or "equivalent" coursework... I also had a liberal arts degree from a prestigious college, and while I howled at the indignity, I was able to escape the requirement by getting a letter from my academic advisor stating that my senior comprehensives required me to give an hour-long talk. Since this was a for-credit class, the college accepted it as "equivalent" to a communications course. I wonder if the BRN would accept something similar?

I also had to pass equivalency examinations in American and California history, before I could get my BSN... oh, the hoops we must jump through...

Anyway, I agree with previous posters--it might be simplest to get licensed in NJ and then apply for licensure in CA.


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Thanks to everyone who has responded to this question. As it turns out I have received my authorization to test for NCLEX. I am not sure if my previous coursework, my seventeen year career in publishing or my impassioned letter did the trick but I do not need to take the aforementioned communications class. Thanks again all.


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More of this "educational deficit" baloney I have been dealing with for 2 years! I was just told I need a Speech 102, something like a critical thinking communication course. I am also dealing with a community college so am really getting bargain basement help from the advisors there. Good luck to you.

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Tonight is my last night in Public Speaking class. Whew, glad that is over -- I took a short summer course that was 3.5 weeks long. Pretty intense. I am also in my third week of a critical thinking (literature) course. It is horridly boring but it meets the UC/CSU transfer requirements. I will survive it.

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