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My fiance (origionally from Africa) just graduated from a British University with a diploma in peadiatric nursing and is now an RN in London. She wants to relocate to the US as soon as possible. Can anyone tell me how easy/hard it would be for her to come here and be a nurse. What steps should she take as far as getting certified. Would hospitals be willing to get her a green card so she can work here? What are the job prospects in the north east (new jersey area). I realise these are alot of questions but any help would be greatly apreciated.

p.s. if u know any web sites i can goto for more help please pass them on

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I honestly have no idea on this one; know nothing about immigration/work rule/regs. Just wanted to wish you luck in finding out, and hope you're able to find answers to your inquiries -- and hope your fiance can come over soon to be with you! Oh, and welcome to allnurses!

Best, --- Diana


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Welcome to the board, AfroSoul! I'm afraid I can't be of much help either, don't know about immigration stuff, but there's some on here that do...


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I know a few Canadian nurses who came to work in Florida on a work visa. I think they went through an agency in order to come to the USA. I asked them why they chose to work in Florida and they said that it was easier to get the work visa for Florida. I'm guessing its because there is a dire nursing shortage in Florida due to the amount of elderly/retired persons who live here. They were all also working with an attorney to get their greencards so that they could travel and work other places in the US. Good Luck and I hope this helps.


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and welcome. sorry, i don't have any advise of facts to offer you.

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Hi Afro

You'd better dig in for a long haul. I was interviewed in London May 2000. At the interview I was offered a job in North Carolina in Neurosurgery ICU. I have 6 years experience in that area. There was a 5 month delay while the NY Licensing Board sorted out my UK license details. After a lot of hassle my attorney, retained by my employer filed for a Green Card I140. This was through the Texas Service Centre. After 11/09 my attorney was asked to submit further information. I have been waiting since last January (2002). You will also need to get ICHP Visascreen (about 7 months) as your fiance is from Africa she may have to take an English language test.

For job prospects look at Medhunters, you can get there from this site.

other useful sites are: (attorney)

As you are in the UK there are a number of agencies who regularly recruit. The agency that recruited me are pretty efficient. They are Global Careers, based in Toronto but there is a toll free number from the UK 0800 328 6648. The boss is Betty Stevens.

Good luck:roll


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Most of the foreign nurses where I work originally came as travelers. The agency set them up.


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here's a website that may help you. please also see posting by uk nurse. there is mention of hospitals in nj helping uk nurses to relocate. good luck to you both!


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I'm a foreign trained RN in OH. I'm ordinary from Japan.

I recieved RN license in california by NCLEX -RN then transfer my lisence to Ohio by endorsment. Because california dosen't request CGFNS or English test. We just need to pass NCLEX-RN. ( also we can take the test all over in the USA even if we apply to the other state)

and I didn't have any problem to transfer my license to OH

If you are interesting in reciving RN license in USA, go check Califirnia Board of Register Nursing web site to find out how to apply NCLEX and check New Jersy ( wherever you want to go ) borad of Nursing web site to find out endorsment.

I think it's easier to get US visa if you have RN lisence in USA .

God luck

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