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Columbus Tech LPN Program 2017


Hi everyone! This is my first topic here on All Nurses but I have been trying to find a website that can bring more insight to a school and program I'm interested in here in Columbus, GA at Columbus Tech which is the LPN Program that starts next June 2017. I'm hoping there are others out there who are hoping to apply for the program or have already completed the LPN program at this school and see if we can help each other get some insight to see if were on the right track of being accepted. Thanks in advance!

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Welcome! We moved your thread to our LPN Nursing Student forum so it will hopefully accrue some replies.


Mae just found out we will be moving to Columbus in May 2017. Spring will be my last semester or pre requisites. I was getting ready to call Columbus tech for more info on their program.( website isn't very informative) Do they only start the program in the summer? Can you be working on your ore reqs during the spring and still be considered for the program? If you don't have these answers, that is fine! Just getting impatient for the holiday break to be over so I can get the ball rolling!

Hey Abrewster0924,

I have been patiently waiting for a reply on this post and anxious for the spring semester. But if your relocating here in Columbus, Columbus Tech has the best nursing program which is very competitive. Yes the LPN program starts each summer and I believe you can work part-time but not after 11pm, Yes you can still take pre-reqs during the spring semester and once your grades are submitted they will be updated with your application and you will still be considered for the program.

Wow, just re read my post and I should have proof read that! Thanks for the response! Will you be applying for the LPN this summer? I am hoping to have my application in so I can be considered. When is the app deadline?

Yes I'm hoping to be considered but I'm retaking a class this Spring, the first day to submit your application is February 15, 2017 and the last day is March 1, 2017. Did you already take your TEAS Exam?

No I haven't. The school I attend in GA now has a fall start date. So they do the TEAS in the summer. I will have to figure out how/ when I can take it. I am planning to call the school next week. Your info has been very helpful í ½í¸€

Glad I could help, best of luck in the nursing journey.


Anyone applied to Columbus Tech LPN Program starting in May 2017?

I applied but I haven't heard anything back yet. Have you heard anything back yet?

Came across this thread while searching the LPN program for 2018. Is anyone in the program? & if so can you tell me what you all scored on the TEAS? I scored a 78.7 (85th percentile) but am thinking about retaking it for a higher score. Maybe you guys could tell me where I fall considering the scores that were accepted this current year? Thank you!

Hello I know you all have applied for the lpn program at columbus tech in the past? I am applying this year im a little concerned I have As in all my pre reqs and a 61 for my teas I just wanna know what are my chances of getting in? Has anyone ever gotten in with a 61 before?

Are you competing this year? @lovingmy2

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