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  1. Abrewster0924

    Southern Union 2018 Fall Application

    I'm applying for Fall 2018. I have to retake my act. I took it 7 years ago in high school and didn't get the best score. I have all my pre reqs except anatomy's and micro. I plan to try and take at least 1 anatomy before applying.
  2. Abrewster0924

    Columbus Tech LPN Program 2017

    No I haven't. The school I attend in GA now has a fall start date. So they do the TEAS in the summer. I will have to figure out how/ when I can take it. I am planning to call the school next week. Your info has been very helpful í ½í¸€
  3. Abrewster0924

    Columbus Tech LPN Program 2017

    Wow, just re read my post and I should have proof read that! Thanks for the response! Will you be applying for the LPN this summer? I am hoping to have my application in so I can be considered. When is the app deadline?
  4. Abrewster0924

    Columbus Tech LPN Program 2017

    Hello! Mae just found out we will be moving to Columbus in May 2017. Spring will be my last semester or pre requisites. I was getting ready to call Columbus tech for more info on their program.( website isn't very informative) Do they only start the program in the summer? Can you be working on your ore reqs during the spring and still be considered for the program? If you don't have these answers, that is fine! Just getting impatient for the holiday break to be over so I can get the ball rolling!