I am currently working as an MED/SURG ICU nurse in Reno, NV. I am thinking about relocating to get closer to my parents. I have heard great things about Colorado Springs, but know little about the hospitals there? Any suggestions? I have been on some of the websites, and it appears there are job openings, is it really competitive? What is the cost of living there, can I live ok with one job, or do you normally get another job too?( I know it depends on your life style, but I thought I would ask)

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Colorado Springs is a great place to live, although that's true all along the Front Range (the flat part of Colorado that is adjacent to where the "up" starts). The cost of living is sadly not less and the pay generally is. Rent, insurance, food all seem to be about the same (I came from NJ). You can live on one job comfortably if you live reasonably. If you have experience I wouldn't worry too much about the competitiveness. The one thing we have is awesome recreational opportunities. If you like almost any kind of outdoor activity we have it in spades and the weather is awesome.


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When I lived in the Springs there was a glut of housing but not a glut of work. Rents are reasonable if you aren't too picky, a three or four bedroom house can be had for $1000 or less if you don't care what area of the city you live in. There were empty houses and empty apartments all over the place but that was 20 years ago. Don't know how it is now. I thought nursing jobs were limited for a city of that size. Beautiful, just beautiful, especially if you like winter sports.


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