What's the deal with Platt College in Aurora?

  1. So I was just looking at their website for the school of nursing at Platt College.

    They have a BSN Program and there are basically little to no requirements to get in. (I mean, you have to pass some tests and ultimately, the decision is up to the board.)

    Here I am, beating myself silly working a full time job and trying to tackle all of my pre-requisites so I can apply to Nursing school (AP 1 & 2, Microbio, etc...) and you can basically just walk into Platt College with only a GED and a smile?

    This is either the best news I've heard all year---- or this is the worst school on the face of the planet.

    Can someone help me determine which statement is correct?

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  3. by   Coloradogrl
    I went to their information meeting when they 1st open and they had just started their program and hadn't even graduated a class. They have monthly information meetings I think. If my mind serves me right their program is somewhere betweeen 60-70k and you really can't work while you are in the program so you pretty much have to either have many many loans or money sitting in the bank.

    There is a lot of info floating around on the board if you search 'PLATT' I have heard from somoene that was looking at going there that they have a very low grad rate....like they started with 30 and only 7 made it. Also from what I have heard is you cant go on for your Masters and also several hospitals wont hire there grads
  4. by   tsalagicara
    Hello! I have never been to Platt College before, but I have been to a similar college (another private, for-profit technical/trade college). As far as I know with Platt, you do have to go through interviews and testing. Platt's entrance requirements are different because the prerequisites are rolled into their BSN program. It's an accelerated, fast-paced program. Also, because it is a private, for-profit college, the nursing program is extremely expensive (I'm talking up in the $60,000 range, if I remember correctly). I'm not sure if they offer federal financial aid for their program. Maybe someone who is in the program or who has been through it can answer that. I can't speak for the quality of education at Platt because I've never been there. However, after reading previous forum posts about Platt college, I can see that some students love the program, and some hate it.

    I know this is not much help, so I hope someone who has been to Platt can answer. Good luck to you in your search for the right nursing school!
  5. by   albpreemieRN
    I know there are a few threads on here about Platt. I would do a search and see what the students from there have to say.
  6. by   evieshane
    I went to their orientation few months back, I can tell you it is expensive around 60-70k but they will give you credit for courses you have taken in the past and if your LPN they will take that into consideration but the length of the course is not shorten just because you have your LPN you just dont go to class on the days they are teaching that class. its 35months to get your BSN and they go by quarters. I believe they are a candidate for NLN. I was thinking about going there for my RN but the program is still fairly new and you have to attend for the most part on full time status. I worry about the cost as well but an average RN can easily make 50k a year so it would be worth it.
  7. by   Maghunter
    I am currently going to Concorde in Aurora. You can get accepted there pretty quick as long as you score high enough on the NET test (the math part). It is expensive, but it's also VERY fast. So really it's less expensive than other schools because it's so short. However, beware of the "used car salesman" tactics of the office staff. You just have to over look that part. The instructors so far are really awesome.
  8. by   trantercare
    I have been considering Concorde but geez, there's more than plenty of post all over the web of the Aurora, Co campus, and they all say the same thing. To beware of Concorde. I want to just get it over with and get my RN. Out of Emily Griffith ( no rn program), Platt and CCC, Im just not sure. I live on base and CCC location is convinient, especially in these type of winters. What are the hours like from begining to end? When is the next class. I can make my education what I want it to be, but Im also concerned about my $$$ being taken advantage of by the schools. Ive heard theres a lot of vandalism (car damage/stealing) at CCC Aurora, CO.

    What happens IF you dont pass a class? If Im dropped do they prorate and reimburse me?

    I have some classes done and cna/er tech. Does previous med. experience help during these programs?

    BTW counselours were kinda short, Im going to make another appt.
  9. by   trantercare
    I checked out Concorde Aurora, Co. They answered every question I needed answered. I do believe that you can make your experience better by taking my own reins with a tight hold. I have decided to attend in Sept 2010 for the Rn progrma. Sadly some of my pre reqs are past due. but no biggie Ill just get it done. Anyone out there plan on April 2010 or Sept 2010. please PM me. With two kids and a DH thats gone a lot Im nervous but excited.
  10. by   alisadiane
    I am going to go to an information session about Platt on April 6. When I called today, I asked what the program was like as far as time in class. They told me that I would be in class 2 to 3 days per week at first. After 15 weeks, I would be in clinic one day a week plus 2 or 3 days of class. They said that clinic day could be any day of the week and it just depended on when the hospitals would let students in. I was also told that if I had some of the prereqs done already, I would have less class time. I know it is probably going to be really expensive, but if you take out loans, you don't have to begin paying them off till you graduate... and with a BSN, you should have a job in no time at all, right? Any first hand info on all of this would be appreciated! Thank you!
  11. by   Coloradogrl
    Is there any Platt grads out there that can give feedback? I know of a couple people in their 1st couple of semesters but no one after that. I am wondering the drop out rate :err:
  12. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from alisadiane
    and with a BSN, you should have a job in no time at all, right?
    Many hospitals have policies that forbid them from hiring RNs who graduated from a school that lacks accreditation from the NLNAC (National League for Nursing) or the CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education). Read this little jewel from Platt's website:
    Graduate school admissions currently limited to: Grand Canyon University, University of Phoenix, Walden University, and Medical University of South Carolina. Employment opportunities currently exclude: the Veteran's Administration (VA), the Department of Defense (DOD), and some other healthcare institutions.
    In other words, the vast majority of graduate schools will not accept the credits earned at Platt, and some employers will not hire RNs who attended Platt.
  13. by   Goldeeloxx
    I am going to warn you to stay away from this school. I was "accepted" but I think anyone with a diploma and the money to pay for it will be. They are really shady about the classes they make you take (computer class? seriously?) that I feel they just add on to bump up the tution. I had a B.A. in Psychology and they were going to make me take an Intro to Psych class. Be careful.
  14. by   Raicho
    I am a Platt Alum, I graduated with their 2nd class in December of 2008. I applied to and was immediately offered a job at Craig Hospital in Englewood. We specialize in Spinal Cord and Traumatic Brain Injuries. We are also a Magnet Designated Hospital. I have now been here for over a year and I love it. I feel that Platt did an excellent job of preparing me for nursing, especially as I had almost no healthcare experience prior. I do have another degree and it is a BA in East Asian Studies so not very useful. A few of my classes did transfer, but it depends on where you took them and how long ago. If you have a Psych class or 2 from 10 years ago, they will probably not accept it, as most schools wont.

    I am also currently doing my MBA/MSN w/ a concentration in Healthcare Administration through the University of Phoenix online. I really have no desire to work 3 12 hour shifts, and then have to go sit in a classroom for hours so UOP is perfect for me. UOP also happens to be the biggest university in the country and I have been extremely satisfied with them.

    As to Platt, I was in that 2nd class and we were definitely the guinea pigs. We went through professors like you cannot know, and different types of classes as well. I still feel, though, that I got a great education, and I passed the NCLEX on the first try as did my entire class. Classes are small and I was on a first name basis with all my professors and the administration. Hollie Campanella is running things and she is incredible. I would refer her to anyone in a heartbeat; helps that I have her on speed dial...:>) Barb Johnson and Margie Rose are in Admin and are wonderful. They made my life so much better while I was there and I am still in touch with them.

    I have been told that the selection process is much more stringent than it was before and the classes are difficult enough that those people who might slip through the cracks and get in, don't last long.

    Knowing what I know now, and having met and worked with graduates from all the other local schools, I would absolutely choose Platt again.

    Hope this helps.