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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   JLForever
    My husband and I live in Richmond, VA and are hoping to move to Denver in a few years. I completed my ADN in October 2008 and haven't started working yet due to giving birth to our second child and having difficulty finding part-time work as a new grad. I'm contemplating starting on some prerequisite courses at the community college out here prior to our move to Denver- because I'd like to start working on my BSN once we move. There is a good RN-BSN program here in Richmond but I don't want to commit to it since we may leave the area.

    I basically have just googled RN to BSN in Denver and come up with Metro State College and University of Denver. Anyone have experience with these programs or heard anything good/bad about them? I think there was some other school that came up- Colorado Tech? I want to earn a respectable degree from an accredited university that is not looked down on by potential employers. I also have learned from experience that going through the fastest/cheapest program can be a big headache. (I am grateful to the community college here for my ADN, but it was so unorganized and we had to fight for clinical hours with the major university which made my clinical schedule crazy)

    Thank you in advance for your input!
  2. by   breanne6887
    I just graduated from Concorde in November so I can give you the low down. First let me say congrats on choosing nursing! Nursing school is hard and everyone i've talked to hated it, no matter if they went to Concorde or CU. Concorde has problems just like any other school. The students who were "kicked out" failed a class and are free to re-enter when there is room. If a class is full (come on guys, wait lists? of course it's full) they cannot add more students. Their own fault. I also know that sadly most schools do not accept Concorde credits. However, a few schools like metro will give you a set amount of credits just for being an RN. So you can continue your education you will just have to look into it some. If you have any other questions feel free to PM me! Good luck!
  3. by   tooky
    Which program did you do. And did you really like it? Are their professors good?
  4. by   lisacsu84
    I graduated from concorde 3 years ago, and have worked at Lutheran Medical Center for 2yrs. I have had no problem with finding a job. Also I know for a fact that Regis will take Concorde credits. the only credits they won't take are the general eds so I would suggest taking those elsewhere but as for the nursing credits I know that Regis will take them. I am getting my bachelors at regis and know a few of my classmates have gotten there bachelors there. I also think one of my classmates got there bachelors at CU. so before you bash actually look into the other schools, unless something has changed in 3yrs totally possible. Concorde is hard, I was in there 2nd graduating class ever so it was even worse but I will say I got a great education and had pretty good clinicals including denver health, st anthony and lutheran. I am not saying it was awesome because it definitley was not but it is not that bad.
  5. by   blueyes27
    I looked into that school last year and the few people I talked to did not have good things to say, when I went in for my initial visit to the school I was not impressed and the person that helped me spent more time on his cell phone talking sports stats than helping me
  6. by   breanne6887
    Quote from tooky
    Which program did you do. And did you really like it? Are their professors good?
    I did the RN program. The instructors are pretty good for the most part. Some I loved and others I butted heads with but I feel like I got a great education and my clinicals were absolutely amazing!
  7. by   tooky
    Thank u so much. I feel better now about the program. I guess people have their own opinion!
    I wanted to know if the entrance test you took was hard the math and reading? Also she told me that I had to at least score in the 90% in order to get into the RN program.

    Onece again thank you so much, CoNgRats!!!! I bet it feels good to get it done!!! YEAHHHH!
  8. by   tooky
    Thank u! I was worried about that! I am excited now!
  9. by   Cricket Hippo
    I am applying on Jan 4th for the July 2010 cohort. I am very nervous! What kinds of GPAs are people getting in with? The website only give the minimum of 2.0 GPA, is that really all I need to have, or should I retake some classes? Thanks so much! Hope to see you at DSN someday!
  10. by   RNtwoBE
    Hi there! Nope you just have to have all of your prereqs, they aren't competitive yet. Don't retake any classes. I would suggest taking pathophysiology tho if you can. It will make your first quarter MUCH easier to handle. Are you going for the ADN or BSN? Good luck on Monday, don't get discouraged, just keep calling til you get in!
  11. by   tlt0616
    Are you doing the RN or LPN program? I also had looked into Concorde about a year ago and heard very negative things. I am still undecided but am working on pre-reqs at a CC. Have you considered National American University? Anyone have any thoughts about them?
  12. by   DenRN71
    Hi, I've applied for admission at UCD and am trying to get an idea of my odds of being accepted into the program. Asking current students or recent grads to share their stats--GPA, age, healthcare experience, anything you think was a factor in securing your spot.

    thanks in advance, I really appreciate anyone willing to share their info.

  13. by   Cricket Hippo
    Thanks! I am applying for the ADN. Can I take Pathophysiology anywhere, or do I have to take it at DSN? Where do you recommend taking it?