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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   One1
    I have not heard from them either as of today.
  2. by   nurseinpa
    Just got an acceptance letter. Just wondering if anyone else on here is going?
  3. by   esunada
    Hi, I'm from Minnesota and was looking into this school. I did see that the tuition rate is incredibly high for out of state. Do they provide any grants or scholarships or is it all Stafford loans. From the sounds of it, you still needed to take out private loans on top of that...yikes, is it doable?
  4. by   missy--kay
    I took it online a few years ago. The toughest online class so far. Lots of class participation on the forums, etc. I made it out with a B, so it's doable, but it took more time than any of my NS classes have. Good luck!
  5. by   csulb_student
    I am currently in the Accelerated BSN program at Metro set to graduate May 2010.
    The application process was a breeze so long as you can read and follow instructions.
    Our start date was March 30 2009 and I found out I got in Mid January. Because they
    only admit 30-35 students, several people did not find out about admission until weeks
    and even days before our start date. This was because people declined to attend at the
    last minute and their spot was filled by someone on the waitlist.

    As far as the faculty goes, all are great. Some take awhile to adjust to, but you learn alot.
    They changed it from a 13 month program to 17 months because faculty was getting burnt
    out. We (including faculty) only had 1 week off in August and 2 weeks off in December. They
    also changed it because of financial aid. It was a nightmare for my cohort because we didn't
    start classes until April. But, Metro registered us for these classes like we were taking them
    in the summer. So financial aid didn't come until late May, early June (which caused a lot of
    headaches). But this will be changed for you so those headaches will be avoided.

    My clinicals have all been amazing, so far I have been at Denver Health, St. Anthonys Central,
    St. Joe's and Porter. I have had great experience with the sites as well as the clinical
    instructors (and the nurses we are teamed up with).

    I'd be happy to answer any more questions regarding the program.
  6. by   kasperas
    The provide grants if it is your first bachelors. You can apply for any scholarship. I also get alternative loans on top of Federal, and yes, it is expensive!
  7. by   Penny8611
    I know we're not supposed to name names, so I'll stick with initials. I took it through ACC. TH, was the instructor. Nightmare. Complete and total. I withdrew rather than have it tank my GPA.

    The second time signed up (again through ACC) MS was my instructor. She was very tough, but fair. I got an A, but worked my tail off.

    Online classes through TH are a no-win situation. I guess he's a much better instructor for on-campus classes, but online...avoid. Just my opinion, of course! ;-)
  8. by   Alice88
    I had TH for a different online class and I thought he was much better online than in-person.

    My experience is that in general, the CCC Online classes are easier than the individual school ones. The exceptions I found are PHI 115 and 116. The teacher for the CCC Online ones (same teacher for both) expects way too much work for 3 credits, IMO. I dropped them and am taking them through individual colleges instead.
  9. by   nam11
    If you two are still waiting, I just wanted to let you know that I received notification today about the program. Hope that helps, good luck.
  10. by   Alice88
    I got my acceptance today! It's my third choice, but it's nice to know I'm in somewhere.
  11. by   One1
    Same here, I got my acceptance letter today! Congrats to you too!
  12. by   nam11

    What other schools are you looking at, I have to make a choice by the end of next week. Why is Metro 3rd on your list?
  13. by   Alice88
    I applied to CU and Regis. I'm not expecting to get into CU, and my Regis interview was postponed because of the snowstorm. The main reason Metro is last is because I'd much rather start in May than January. I also have a much better feeling about Regis than Metro.

    Since I probably won't know if I'm accepted to Regis by the 13th, I'll accept the position and Metro and then cancel if I get in to Regis (or dare I dream CU).