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I am looking for a LPN program in Colorado. I heard Emily Griffith has a great program but I want to later move into RN program. I also checked in Regis What do you think?... Read More

  1. by   RNtwoBE
    I've spoken with DSN and they are having everyone do HESI like exams throughout your time there (which I think is good, it's an indicator of how you're doing) and at the end, however you get 3-4 chances to pass it. This doesn't in any way hinder you from getting your degree though! PHEW!
  2. by   RNtwoBE
    I'm starting at DSN in January and freaking out about tuition! I plan on cutting my hours at work in half so I can go to school and hopefully I'll be able to scrape by and make it. But how has everyone been getting financing to pay tuition (outside of Federal loans of course)??? Sallie Mae sounds like a ridiculous option, so I'm hoping some of you out there have an idea!
  3. by   cabanaboy
    Many banks have supplemental student loans. If I understand correctly, they will loan you the difference between what your need is and what your federal loans give you. I would call your bank and ask. The interest rate won't be as good as the federal loans, but usually will be a lot better then Sallie Mae. Good luck!
  4. by   RNtwoBE
    DSN said that they don't qualify for the loans from banks because they haven't been in the system long enough (usually they need to be for 3 1/2 years). Thanks tho, hopefully I'll figure something out!
  5. by   whichone'spink
    Beth-El is getting rid of the waiting list by administering an entrance exam, the HESI-A2. Before you can take the exam, you have to take your first year pre-reqs like A & P, general psychology, developmental psychology, two semesters of chemistry, two semesters of college english, cultural anthropology, nutrition, and a gen-ed elective. Beth-El also wants a minimum 3.3 GPA, so no less than A or B in all those pre-reqs. You can find more information here: http://www.uccs.edu/~bethel/bsn.htm.

    Wow, is Pueblo that bad? I considered applying there if Beth-El didn't work out, but now I'm so glad I didn't have to.
  6. by   JillRNColorado
    Hi. I am a Hospice RN and my 19 year old son is considering Concorde Aurora. I went through the FRCC system (which took YEARS with wait) and my son has saved money to go a "quicker route". I am seeking advice from anyone who did their study at Concorde. The area is (in my opinion) quite terrible....where do you live if you go to school here? What is a safe recommendation for a "quick commute" as he is from Fort Collins and its troo far to drive each day. Also, aside from the expense of the program, what do you think of the quality of education? Is it a stressful envirnment like mine was? Ex. "Pass or your out". or, do they really stive to help you finish? If you do fail, do they really re enroll you or is it they have your money and your out? Any thoughts would be great! Also, have you been able to find work? Thanks! I would love to hear about your experiences good or bad!! Jill
  7. by   Coloradogrl
    Dont have him do it Concorde is really really bad!!! If he wants to do his LPN NJC has not wait and is also a 1+1 program so he could go right into his RN afterward. Unless he never wants to go on for his RN without jumping thou tons of hoops and he would still have to do the pre reqs for his RN. Also it is a 1/3 of the cost of Concorde.
  8. by   Coloradogrl
    The last time I heard Concorde is 26K+ for LPN. I know A LOT about their program PM if you have any questions
  9. by   Coloradogrl
    If you have really good credit you can get loans but if you dont your pretty much SOL even with average credit it is hard. How much is the short fall after the grants/federal aid
  10. by   sierra_maroy
    I would like to know how to take BIO216 Pathophysiology online. Is it timed? How many exams? How long does it last per exam?
  11. by   One1
    Also keep in mind that Concorde is not regionally accredited, which can cause obstacles for your son should he ever want to continue his education.
  12. by   Alice88
    I took it a couple of years ago. There were quizzes for each chapter, I think 15 total (one per week) and they are timed at an hour for each, which is plenty of time. There was a paper and some other assignments, plus discussion you have to participate in.
  13. by   Alice88
    He should look into Platt. That will get him a BSN and they have candidate status for NLN accreditation.