Job market for experienced nurses in Denver area?

  1. I am feeling discouraged. I am an experienced RN, BSN with a diverse clinical background. My resume and cover letters look good- I have excellent references, but I am not getting interviews for positions that I am qualified for. I am new to the area, and have applied for positions that are specific to my nursing background, which is primarily oncology- and also general med positions that are more entry level positions. I am not getting any interviews. I can't be unemployed for much longer- and need to find something. Are any other experienced RN's having a difficult time finding employment in the Denver area? I am in Englewood. What are the most and least competitive hospitals in the Denver area. Any insight would be appreciated! How assertive are other nurses here- do you personally go to hospitals and talk in person when job hunting- or just apply online. It seems hard to talk to anyone in person- and not sure how appropriate that is? What do others in the Denver area do? Thanks
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  3. by   laurainaz
    I am moving to the Denver area in a couple of weeks. I started applying for positions back in early July when we found out my husband was transferring there. I have my BSN and 8 years acute care experience, and I also had a hard time finding a job! I have a tentative position with UCH pending I pass the employee physical and pharmacology test. I'm not sure if Colorado is a "nurse heavy" state, or if my difficulty was applying from out of state. Had I been in the area, I would have called nurse recruiters directly and attacked it in person. You may give that a try. Good luck!
  4. by   hope3456
    Have you tried temp agencies or PRN positions? Sometimes you can start PRN and then if you are a 'good fit' they will hire you FT.
  5. by   owleyes
    Thank you for your insights! I have applied for 6 positions, one position was for PRN- but so far, no interviews. I wonder if I should try to get my ACLS on my own? I don't know how important this is to have on a resume in this competitive market? It's just a bit of money that's hard to cough up without having a job. As far as I can tell, CO is a nurse heavy state- lots of nurses here and nursing schools. I've heard that going to HR departments in person is not considered a positive move- as they find it really obnoxious- but I don't know what others do. I am discouraged and feeling some anxiety that I will have to start applying everywhere- and commute in heavy traffic every day (something I wasn't really wanting to do). Again thanks! Good luck to you on your new job!
  6. by   hope3456
    There was a post here maybe a year ago by a new graduate who stated she took her resume to the nurse mgr of the unit she wanted to work on....and got hired. I wouldn't take it to HR go to the unit mgr. The worst they can say is 'no.' And maybe have someone else objectively look at your resume for you - i think there are professionals who do this. And ACLS definately couldn't hurt either. And you are right CO is 'nurse heavy.'
    You moved to an area without first having a job?
  8. by   klone
    Quote from PACNWNURSING
    You moved to an area without first having a job?
    Perhaps her spouse has a job, or she lives with family, or she had to move because of her life situation. Why is chastising her relevant, five months later?
  9. by   heartlover
    Centura health HR takes FOREVER! They are really slow getting applicants to the department managers. I know that doesn't help anything but I know people who have been offered a job at other hospitals/med. facilities before the managers even know they have applied to Centura. Maybe a follow up call to the recruiters would help?
  10. by   mveldma3
    I recently accepted a full time nights position (ICU) at a Centura Hospital. I'm from out of state as well. I interviewed with both Centura and exempla and thought both of their interview processes flowed quite nicely. I think I waited a week...maybe two before getting a call for an interview... They both seem like great systems...check out exempla and Centura if you have not done so yet! Like another poster said, you could check out agency or maybe do a travel contract there. Oh and get your Colorado license in hand, that looks better too, plus the licensing can take a while. Hope that helps a little bit!
  11. by   JuLeSx7d7
    Hey mveldma3!

    Just out of curiosity, do you know how many experienced ICU nurses applied for that very same position with Centura?

    Just want to get a feel for the new grad : experienced nurse ratio in that area.


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