Got accepted by UCD!

  1. Got a call a couple days ago, they accepted me into their traditional BSN program for this summer Totally didn't expect the call because it's already mid-April.
    I was rejected by Regis, rejected by UCD accelerated program, missed the deadline for metro state, but there were a few spots at UCD opened up at the last minute and now I am in!
    BTW, my undergrad GPA was super low (just to give you an idea it's below 3.0) but I guess they liked my other life experiences (I am a non-traditional student), letters, and essay.
    People out there, you can do it, miracle can happen! Class starts in a couple months, woohoo!!
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  3. by   Sart45
    Congratulations Sourapril...
    The same thing happened to me! I had applied to the Accelerated Program and got my rejection letter in February. I got a call last week too for the Traditional Program...I start in June. I guess a lot of people have been turning down their acceptances; who knows. Maybe people are concerned about the lack of jobs in the Nursing field. Now I'm scrambling around trying to get the required shots, etc. done.
  4. by   sourapril
    Congrats to you too, Sart45! I just sent you a PM
  5. by   Sand_Dollar
    That's fantastic for both of you!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    Sart45, you bring up a good point. I wonder if people have learned the truth and are doing something else. Boy, I'd love to hear their reasonings.
  6. by   CONative82
    That very well could be but one thing to keep in mind is that the traditional program is two full years so the job landscape may be very different by then. That is my hope at least!
  7. by   amma21888
    Its very encouraging to hear that you can still be accepted at UCD even while being rejected at other schools. I also do not have the highest undergrad GPA, and thought that UCD only accepted students with GPA's above a 3.0? Did you apply any ways even though your GPA wasn't exactly at a 3.0? If this is the case, I may consider applying to UCD as well.
  8. by   sourapril
    Well, I knew it was a long shot but had to give it a try anyway. I pretty much gave up my hope after being rejected by Regis, and the admission lady specifically told me that my GPA is my only problem and she wanted me to retake some science classes and re-apply next year (I am glad I didn't listen to her). So when I got the rejection letter from UCD, I wasn't very surprised since I was told they even have higher GPA requirement than Regis. However, the phone call came from no where. I feel like I am given a second chance (by GOD). Sometimes I feel like the application process is like gambling. I didn't have the GPA they want, I wasn't even a CNA when I applied, I was out of school for more than a year....lot of things against me, but I am a determined person who has a specific goal in mind (and it showed in my essay), I have good recommendation letters, I have published research papers, and I am also a non-traditional student. Or maybe the admission people were on crack when they reviewed my application.
  9. by   SkiMama
    Congrats to you both getting into UCD! I hope the insurance drama will be minimal and I will get to meet you both in June!
  10. by   Ms.Dre22
    Hi Sourapril,

    I can't congratulate you enough for your acceptance into CU!! Great Job. I attended an info session earlier this month and was told that a person's essay could really make or break them! So, I was a bit concerned about how my essay is going to turn out since I have literally no experience in the health care field. If you have time, do you think you would be able to give me some pointers on how I can improve my essay before I submit my application in May?

    Thank you and Congrats again,
  11. by   sourapril
    I think they want to see someone who is sincerely passionate about nursing. It helps if you have healthcare experience and talk about how that influences your decision to become a nurse. But if you don't, you can always talk about a person or an event that shapes who you are you. In my essay, I talked about my dream to join Doctors without Borders, and my experience with cancer patients. If you want, I can read your essay. Good luck!