Denver residents

  1. Any one out there from the Denver area? I'm planning on moving and wanted to get some input on the city from the ppl who live around there.

    What areas are nice to live in?
    How's the job outlook? Did you have an easy time finding one?
    Just want some general input.

    If you want to PM me, feel free.

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  3. by   J. B.
    I live in Colorado Springs Col 60-70 mile south of Denver
    I do have a sister who has lived in Denver and the surrounding area for years and for a period of time I used to.
    Are you still looking ofr information?
  4. by   NursesruN
    I'm interested, Canadian ICU nurse looking to test things out with a 13 week agency gig to see what Colorado is like. Suggestions comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
    P.S. if iliel made it to Colorado let us know where and what you think.
  5. by   mother/babyRN
    Fort Collins and Estes Park, near the mountains about an hour away, are both absolutely beautiful. My brother lives in Fort Collins and the trek we took to Estes Park in the mountains was almost but not quite enough to take me away from the ocean...
    Absolutely beautiful and close to Denver.....
  6. by   J. B.
    Travel gigs in Col (Denver) placement would most likely be Denver or Colorado Springs Both fairly close to Sking and resort towns. Idea would be Dilon, Glenwood Springs, Brekenridge, Fort Collins , Boulder, Jrand Junction. All fantastic and Beautiful.
    I Know of a very experienced and establishes Travel Nurse Agency Here in Colorado Springs. Over 20 Years in the business and Carol and John Smalligan would take great care of you covering all the bases.
    Colorado is Beautiful this time of year and of course it is in high demand by travelers so asignments may be tight. Cant hurt to try.

    Heck This type of talking has made me think that I may be interested in finishing my Basment and offering temp housing at a discount of any housing allouance provided to a traveler.

    I am alway trying to creat a pipeling of passive income. Assessts thats the key.

    Good luck in checking out Colorful Colorado.
    BTY what part of canada I used to live on the bourder at Niagara Falls New York back in the 60-70's
  7. by   iliel
    Hi there!

    Haven't made it to Denver yet. I've decided to stay here until I finish school (2 more year..ugh) The wait lists are keeping me here.

    I am going out to Denver over Thanksgiving to check out homes and see what areas we like.

    Even though we're not moving for another 2 years, I'm still very excited! It'll be nice to live in a "normal" city:roll
  8. by   J. B.
    If you give me your price range and what you are looking for I may steer you in a few neighborhoods that might suite your needs. What do you say?
  9. by   NursesruN
    Thanks for the input. Gotta go look at a map.
  10. by   COLOGIRL
    I'm from Denver, I graduate in May. I might be moving back up there. There are a lot of good neighborhoods to live in. Depends on $ and time you want to travel. Some of my favorite hospitals are the following:
    University Hospital and Craig Hosptial are both ranked in top 100 hosptials. Health One is a level one trauma center. St. Anthony's Central is also a great hospital. There are many in and around denver. Luthern Medical Center is a Magnet hopsital. It is located in Littleton. Any of the suburbs of Denver are great places for kids to grow up. The commute downtown is not great, but it's liveable.
    Let me know if you need websites or further info.
    Good Luck, Colorado is Awesome.
  11. by   kastas
    I would take any of those websites you wanted to offer.

    We are also contemplating a move to Denver. I have a phone interview set up this week with St. Jo's. Know anything about that hospital (esp. L&D). We have also thought about me going with a travel company to get them to pay for the living in the beginning. This would buy us more time to look around the town. SO, John Bosco, if you want to give me the name/# of the company you know of I would love to talk to them.

    My husband is very leary about the thought of moving b/c we know nothing of the neighborhoods or schools. Soooo, ANY info would help. I'm not big on the thought of a long commute. Any decent neighborhoods in town with decent school? I prefer private, but not to expensive school. LOL, is that possible? We go to a Catholic private school now and the price is just right.

    Any help is appreciated. You can email me @ Thanks. Terri
  12. by   Briar
    I've lived in and around the Denver area for over ten years, just started nursing two years ago and I love it. Job prospects are pretty good here, there are several new hospitals being built in the Southern suburbs due to growth, and they are also very nice places to live if you like the upwardly-mobile suburban lifestyle. University hospital, which is building several new facilities in Aurora is a nursing Magnet hospital and many people I know who work there love it. Ask about sign-on bonuses, many of our local hospitals are offering generous amounts for retention of 1-3 years after hiring. Housing is pretty spendy in the Denver area, it is less so in Colorado Springs. The average house price in Denver for a reasonable sized home is around $200,000 right now, though this seems to be coming down a bit. Of course, you can always find nice places for less, just have to be willing to work at it.

    Good luck to you,
  13. by   kastas
    Do you happen to know anything about Presbyterian/St.Luke's? I am flying out after the 1st of the year to meet with St. Joseph's recruiter, but PSL has also called me. I thought I could meet w/ both whe I go out there. Any thoughts? Would one of the newer hospitals be better to look into? I do L&D.

    PS-stupid question, but not sure what Magnet hospital means.
  14. by   Briar
    Unfortunately I don't know much about PSL or St. Joe's. I have heard good things about both. The two new hospitals are Parker Adventist and (I think this is the name) Sky View. Sky View is right off a major interstate, way south of the metro area, Parker Adventist is in a small (but quickly growing) suburb of Denver. I know that the Parker hospital is part of Centura Health, the Catholic and Adventist health system and a friend who works for them says they are a great organization to work for. Both hospitals are opening slowly, unit by unit and I have no idea when L&D will be open with either. I think it is going to depend partly on where you end up living as both of these are quite a distance from the main Denver area.

    A magnet hospital is one whose services, environment and benefits are designed to draw nurses and keep them. Magnet status is something granted by a national organization (cant' remember which one) and it takes several years and lots of paperwork to achieve. A magnet hospital will have good nurse to patient ratios, competetive salaries and a management system that usually emphisises shared governance (lots of committees and nurses have a say in how things are done). You will usually find benes like tuition reimbursement for continuing ed and an emphasis on nurse empowerment at a magnet facility.