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:welcome: I was wondering if anyone knows if there are any lpn programs in colorado that dont require any pre-reqs? For instance I found out there is a nursing school in quincy MA that has one with... Read More

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    Oh yhea you should recommended mountian man but they might look at you like you are on some crazy meds....
    Especially if you know me
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    OK, what session are you all in so I can point you out!

    Ok, no...but really I am in second session....where are you guys?
    the session where You dont git no sleep

    Ok, no...but really the one I hope hurts the most!

    No, but...OK I mean Yes!! Onest (1st) session

    the one with only one guy...
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    OHHH!!! Just hang in there, the last 5 or 6 weeks are a breeze, they just like to scare the **** out of you in the first half. You will make it just hang in there! My name is Sarah and I am in the second session...I am always out smoking, feel free to bug me with any question (I know the teachers like the back of my hand) Woot for us!
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    HA! Someone has been told! DAYUM!!
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    HA! Someone has been told! DAYUM!!

    How is 2nd session? I know I am doing pretty good keeping up this session...oh course like I said I really dont sleep or eat but I have managed to set sometime a side to shower each day I hear it gets better....or are they just peeing on my leg and telling me its raining?
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    HA! It gets much better, I have to admit, pharm is really causing issues for alot of people, but for the most part second session feels more like nursing school and less like bootcamp. Trust me if you stick with it, study and will make it. Its great, NOW come bug me some day!

    OH! and the end of session one gets much easier as well...that is where my study habits completely fell apart because for the last few weeks of that session, I didnt do much of anything...hang in there...its worth it.
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    I have heard that about Pharm! I remember someone telling me that they heard all but 2 people are failing(I dont know if they were talking about your class)
    I know it is hard but I defintly think it is worth it! I knew coming in I was going to be pretty tough, so I wasnt to surprised by most of it. I have just realized there is no days off & if you DONT do work one day you fall behind! I figure that it will all be worth it in the end:wink2:
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    In my class, more than 2 people are passing that is for sure... our Prof is great, and we will make it thru, its just....labor intensive.
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    There was part of me thinking of looking at the Pharm book before next semester. I just dont want to confuse myself! I know I was shocked by how many people we have repeating PN 102 and A&P it makes me sort of scared on how bad the final is going to be! We have midterms in both next week! I have been doing REALLY good on the quizes but I keep hearing the midterm/final throws alot of people
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    I am terrible but I am sort of giggling because you have the same fears we all had, the only repeaters I know of is J and Devon...and they are both smart girls who will make it the second time around. Dont let anything intimidate you, the reality is the vast, VAST majority of us passed, and we are passing 2nd session.. really just come talk to me..I will help you out (even tho it sounds like you are passing and doing really well) There are a ton of 2nd session kids who would love to talk to you about 1st session. I am always smoking on break, just come find me.
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    I am sooo glad I am NOT the only with those fears Devon is in our class you she seems pretty cool. I dont know who J is.....

    I quite smoking a few years back & I cant even tell you HOW bad I wanted to the other day....I wanted to buy a pack on the way home thinknig, "ahh one wont make a difference" I will defintly have to come and talk with ya! I know there is lots of smokers in my class I noticed.

    I keep hearing there is "no love" from the LPN students who are farther in the program so I am glad to see there is
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    Of course there is, I have met many people from the 3rd, 4th and 5th sessions, and they are all great, we are all happy to help...hell we all feel like beginners ourselves. tee hee.