Collin College Summer 2016 ADN


HEY Folks!!

Just wondering how many of you there are out there who have applied for the accelerated Summer ADN Program at Collin College! I have not seen anything posted on the web and I would love to get in touch with everyone!

So excited!

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Your thread has been moved to our Nursing Programs forum. Good luck to you.


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Hey! I've applied to the summer and fall program at Collin as well! You're so right, there hasn't been much posted about it and I have been wondering when letters will come. Best of luck to you!


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so glad you decided to start a post! I

applied to both Summer'16 and Fall'16 as well.... I am hopeful that since we had less time between the application deadline and the Summer start date that they should get the letters sent out sooner then normal!


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I applied to both summer and fall programs. I hope we hear something from them soon. Good luck to everyone.


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So does anybody know if it will be longer hours, more days, or more condensed since the summer semester is a little shorter???


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I applied for Spring originally and app was moved to summer as they didn't have enough qualified for the bridge program. I waited months for a letter just to say that so I am anxiously waiting!


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I've been told that letters will be sent in march


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Ive applied to both as well!! Man! I really hope so! I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for those letters!


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Which have you applied for? The traditional ADN accelerated summer program or the Medic/LVN bridge summer program?


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(MODERATOR EDIT OF NAME) told me that it will still be Monday thru Thursday but those days will have longer hours in the summer semester since there are not as many weeks in summer


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Ok... Thanks HollyDee for the info...

Ok so I am slightly nervous about those four honor points for honors courses.... Are most of you going in with them in regards to points or completely lack them like me?