Collin College ADN 2019


Anyone else applying in 2019?

I am applying for the Spring semester 2019. I took the PSB test last month to see the format of it and I did horrible. I have to take it again this summer.


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I am planning on applying for the spring, but after reading all the posts about being waitlisted I am really nervous.

Are you trying to apply to other schools as well? I am trying to apply for Grayson College but I don't think I will meet the deadline.


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I was thinking about El Centro, but I am not sure I will meet the deadline for that or be prepared for the HESI that I will need to take. I am currently a teacher so I am starting back from square one education wise.

Don't be discouraged. We are in the same boat. I have a degree in Criminal Justice so I am starting over again with all of the science classes. Have you thought have applying for Grayson College? I applied at Grayson at the last minute for the Spring semester 2019 and I think that I have much higher hope than Collin College. I think you will do well on the HESI A2 test at Grayson College because it doesn't require science section (Biology and A&P) if you have taken those classes in the past 5 years. Since you are a teacher, you will do well on the reading, math and vocabulary. I will continue to do my best to get in Collin College because it a lot closer to my house.

be careful with el centro- I don't know if you heard but they are on probation, they couldn't accept students for this past round of applicants and they may not be able to this time either

That is scary. I didn't know that. I will stick around with Collin College and Grayson College.

Have you taken the PSB yet? I am going to take it gain in July. I am taking A&P 2 now and I should be done in July. I am also applied for Grayson College as well. This is my second career and I didn't know that it is so competitive to get in the program. :)

I haven't taken the PSB yet! I'm waiting for them to open it up for this period. I'm nervous about it though. I'm taking micro at the moment


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I'm applying for Spring 2019! I just took my PSB and man, that was not fun but I ended up with pretty good scores. Lowest was arithmetic @ 88% and a couple categories were 99% . I got an A in A&P 1 (and Bio but that doesn't count a whole lot). Already took the Psych courses and the Nutrition ones as well.. Taking A&P 2 now, and will get an A. The only thing I am nervous about applying in August is the fact that i will have Micro Pending. I am hoping that they will see that I will do fine in it since my Overall cumulative GPA is a 3.9 and my Prereq and required GPA is 4.0. -- anyone else in a similar boat with high grades and scores but with micro pending?