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Collin College ADN Spring 2016


Hello everyone. I have been searching for a Collin College Nursing applicants for spring 2016 thread for weeks and I have not seen one so I figured I would start one my self: ) I will be turning in my application for the program this week and I wanted to share my story. I made A's in all my sciences. I made an A in English and a B in humanities, general psychology and life span psychology. I made a 6 on the PSB as well. I will be applying with 27 points because of the 3 B's I made in humanities and the psychology classes. Because I will only be applying with 27 points I am apprehensive about getting in. I have worked so hard and come so far for this moment, I will just have to give it to God. I've only taken my sciences once, which is good according to the nursing department as they are really factoring acceptance into the program based on taking your sciences once (they told me studies show those who take their sciences once and get an A the first time tend to do better in the program). However, I hope it's enough. I have children, I work full time and it took everything in me to get A's in my sciences and a 6 on the PSB. On the old point system I would be applying with 16 points (I know I need to get over it). I have been following the allnurses site for about a year and a half and I have had the opportunity to share in many wonderful experiences. Most of you that have posted had 4.0's and I've seen the joy you express when you get that acceptance and I am so happy for you all. I hope there is someone out there that applied and got in with similar applying factors and if so, wouldn't mind posting. I'd love to hear from anyone who will be applying or has applied for the Spring 2016 start and what your stats look like. Please do share. Best wishes to you all.

I am applying as well. I am a LVN (7 years) and after speaking with the department they stated points will be handled differently from the regular pool versus bridge. I take the PSB on July 7th and will submit my application shortly after that to meet July 31st deadline. I have all classes completed. All B's didn't plan on going to Collin but some other options didn't pan out. I tried Excelsior (didn't like it) and another school's (Lamar State) online program ended due to testing scores. So back to the drawing board. I took all my classes at Collin anyway and literally just decided to apply earlier this month. Very Hopeful that with my LVN and all classes completed (including all classes towards my BSN) that I get in. Fingers crossed for both of us!!

Thanks for posting msqtsmith! Being an LVN much be exciting. Please keep me posted on how you do and let me know if you need any advice on the PSB.

Hey Ladies!!

I am currently taking pre-reqs for the program. I am currently taking A&P (summer) & A&P 2 in the fall. I intend to take Micro in the Spring(2016) & apply in the spring for the fall 2016 admissions. I will lose a point for not having Micro completed at the time I send in my application.

I guess my question is .. is it possible to get accepted with B's? So far in A&P we have had our first lecture exam (grade: 91) & lab practical (87) & I fear that I wont make an A. I know Im still in the game for an A but the material is just getting harder. The nervous system is going to kill me.

msqtsmith - you are apply with B's but you have a solid background of LVN work, so I can see how your B's could be over looked so to speak. I have background working for physicians for the past 7 years but only administrational work. I intend on including that in my application with a letter of recommendation from the physician I work for but I cant see that carrying me through with B's in my re-reqs.

I have all my co-reqs completed except Life Span - none are honors, I have Bio 1406 so I will get a point for that. Overall GPA is 3.7.

What are your thoughts?


Hi. I will be applying for Spring '16 too. Just finishing off a summer 1 class in Lifespan Psychology, which (thankfully) ends just in time to send my transcripts off by the July 31st deadline. Here are my stats:

  • I made A's in A&P 1 and 2, microbiology, psych 1 (and it looks like I'll be getting an A in Lifespan too)
  • Got Bs in English and other elective
  • Have a Bachelor's degree
  • Made a 5 on the PSB
  • GPA is about 3.8-3.9
  • For some reason I was able to take A&P without taking the CLEP, but I'll take it anyway so it's officially on my records.

I'm rather nervous as I hear that entry into the program is very competitive. I'm considering applying to other programs, in case I don't get into this one. Wish everyone all the best!!

From what I understand after talking to the nursing department they do want you to aim for A's. If you don't make A's then it brings your points down. Sarahmia_g it sounds like you're on a good path though. When I started going to school I didn't realize the impact the co-requisites would have on my points (but at that time the points were completely different).

Just try to aim for A's and you should be fine. If you make 1 B in your sciences it wont be the end of the world. If I were you I would continually refer back to the points document to know where you are. And remember if you did not take any of the co-requisites it does not negatively affect you and try not to take them unless you strongly believe you will get an A. Something else they're really looking at is your PSB score so try to do well on that too. I am so excited about what the future holds and I do believe everything will work out and I hope the same for you.

Hi appioriley! Best of luck to you. It looks like you are a very competitive applicant! How many points are you applying with and when will you be submitting your application? I still haven't submitted mine but I plan on doing so next week. Have you repeated any of your sciences? I apologize for the question overload and I hope you don't mind.

Hi everyone! I had a question for those of you that have already taken the PSB. I was wondering how did you answer for the reading comprehension, did you just skim the passage? It just stresses me out that the time is only 15 minutes for that section. Also how was the spelling section? I heard some students who took it say that they used words they have never seen before? Do any of you have some advice for the PSB it is greatly appreciated!

Hi nursing 2016! When will you be taking the PSB? The spelling and reading were the most difficult for me by far. I did not recognize many of the words in the spelling section, however, I applied basic spelling concepts to help me choose the best answer such as i before e. For the reading section, I read the questions and then skimmed through the passage in search for key words which really helped me answer questions. When you go to take the test they will tell you it is not expected of you to finish any one section and this is true, there's just not enough time to reason through each question. I believe the test is designed to test how efficient one is with problem solving in a short period of time. If you think about it, as nurses there will likely come a time when we must resolve a situation with little time. I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions. By the way, when will you be applying and how are you grades (points) if you don't mind sharing?

Thank you mylife7!! I have A's on my prereqs and I'm taking the PSB on July 16 for Spring 2016. It makes sense what you said about in the actual nursing field sometimes having little time to make a good decision. I imagine taking these types of tests to be similar to taking a lab practical answering questions with little time. I'm so used to taking my time taking tests in school, it can be hard to change that mindset ,but we have to for these types of tests. I was wondering were the reading questions asking about main idea, inferences, logical conclusions., or was it asking direct facts from the story?

Best of luck nursing 2016 :) I dropped off my application yesterday. There are a couple logical conclusion questions but most of the questions are based on direct facts from the story. I scored in the 87 percentile on the reading section and it was because I read the questions first. Do you have all of your sciences completed and have you had to re-take any? Did you take your sciences at Collin, if so, is there a professor you would recommend taking Micro?

Thank you mylife7! Good luck to you as well :) I will use your advice on the exam! I didn't retake any of the classes, and I took Professor Bottoms for Micro lecture and the lab I took Professor Sansiguiri. Professor Bottoms is really good at lecture she is very engaging and she is very organized. She has notes for each chapter and if you know the notes and what she talked about in lecture then you will do fine on her tests. Her tests are all short answer so you really have to know the material. I liked Professor Sansiguiri for lab because for each experiment she had a powerpoint and if you studied her powerpoint you will do good on her quizzes and practical. She used colors and pictures which was more eye catching then reading from the lab manual! I have so much respect for you doing all this with children and people who work full time. I pray that we get in! It's in God's hands!!

I certainly appreciate the prayers and will be praying for you as well nursing 2016. I've heard Bottom's is a great teacher, however, since I work I have to take class in the evening. I hope to take someone just as good. Are you going to wait for your PSB results before you turn in your application? My results were ready to pick up about a week and a day later. If I were you I would call them a week after you take it to see if the results are in. Keep me posted and remember I am here if you have any other questions.

Oh okay I see, I had a couple people tell me Professor Walker is good too and I think he teaches later in the day. The nursing department told me it takes two weeks to get results. I'll call them in a week later like you said to see if there in. Thats going to be nerve wrecking. Did you put your PSB results with your application?

It's funny you mentioned his name, I am currently registered for his fall class. I did not turn in the PSB copy myself, the nursing recruiter told me she will put it in with my application. They will give you a copy and keep one on file.

I took the PSB test yesterday and dropped off my application as well. I have no idea how I did on the PSB. The spelling had words I hadn't seen or heard of. And the science geesh! I actually studied for weeks but the material I studied didn't seem to be on the test. I think I did well on the reading and the aptitude section but the spelling and science have me concerned! I am praying so hard I get in. I have been working towards this since 2010 with so many set backs i.e. school programs closing, online bust etc. I am determined to get this done. I love being a nurse and just want to advance forward! Best of luck to all.

msqtsmith congratulations on making it this far. I hope nothing but the bet for you. It says a lot about someone such as yourself who is able to overcome the obstacles and not quit fighting. The spelling was tough! I will be praying for your acceptance and success. Please keep us posted on who you did on the PSB (the results will likely be in by the end of next week)!

Please keep us updated on the status of your acceptance :]