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  1. appioriley

    CMSRN Study Recommendations

    Hi, I'd like to take the CMSRN exam and I'm searching for good and reliable self-study materials; specifically apps. I've come across a couple in the app store which I've tried. The first was Pocketprep, which gives you only 30 free questions and then charges you $47.99/quarter or $19.99/month, which is quite pricey. Another one I've tried is Upward Mobility's Med Surg Nursing Exam Prep which was way cheaper, but I found a lot of its answers were outdated. I'd appreciate any recommendations from anyone who has studied for and passed this exam.
  2. While I believe the practice of using people as guinea pigs against their will is disgusting, as an African myself, I question why African governments allow these companies to come in and exploit their people. African leaders should be held responsible for this practice, because without their permission, these atrocities would not occur!
  3. appioriley

    struggling new grad: may not make it past orientation

    My heart goes out to you because I was exactly in your shoes a year ago and thought I'd picked the wrong career. I really struggled during my preceptorship, and wanted to quit several times. A lot of it was just nerves and fear. Plus I was under the misconception that I had to know everything right out of nursing school, and so was ashamed to ask for help/advice. Big mistake! Why? I finally learned that it's not all about how I looked or what people thought about me, but ultimately about the patient's SAFETY. In fact there are seasoned nurses on my floor who still ask for a second opinion. You might think you look incompetent for asking the charge RN for a second opinion, but actually you are being smart. Better an early intervention now, than having to call a code on a patient later. Trust me you are on the right path, and it will get better. Just stop comparing yourself to others. Measure your progress by how much you are learning everyday and by how much better you are today than you were yesterday, or a week ago. As to time management, that will come. I still struggle with it, and often have stay on after shift-end to catch up with charting. But I don't mind, because at end of the day the most important thing for me is that my patients are safe, stable and cared for.
  4. appioriley

    Collin College Summer 2016 ADN

    Thank you mylife7. Always helpful as usual!!
  5. appioriley

    Collin College Summer 2016 ADN

    Hi @mylife7 - Does the medical supply bag come with a stethoscope or do we have to buy that separately?
  6. appioriley

    Collin College Summer 2016 ADN

    Thanks mylife7! That's really helpful. Gives us an idea of what to expect, so we can plan ahead.
  7. appioriley

    Collin College ADN Spring 2016

    I'm taking the CLEP for the extra point. Because honors classes are worth 4 points and I didn't take any, I'm trying to get as many points as possible. I heard that the program is very selective, so every point counts.
  8. appioriley

    Collin College ADN Spring 2016

    Hi mylife7, No problem at all!! I've submitted my application and I'm waiting for my grade to come in from my summer class, so I can submit my transcript. I also plan to take the CLEP biology test this week. Sadly, I didn't take any Honors classes which actually account for a whopping 4 points! So that's 4 points lost there. I guess all-in-all I should have 29 points.
  9. appioriley

    Collin College ADN Spring 2016

    Hi. I will be applying for Spring '16 too. Just finishing off a summer 1 class in Lifespan Psychology, which (thankfully) ends just in time to send my transcripts off by the July 31st deadline. Here are my stats: I made A's in A&P 1 and 2, microbiology, psych 1 (and it looks like I'll be getting an A in Lifespan too) Got Bs in English and other elective Have a Bachelor's degree Made a 5 on the PSB GPA is about 3.8-3.9 For some reason I was able to take A&P without taking the CLEP, but I'll take it anyway so it's officially on my records. I'm rather nervous as I hear that entry into the program is very competitive. I'm considering applying to other programs, in case I don't get into this one. Wish everyone all the best!!