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College of Marin 2015


Hey everyone,

just wanted to see if anyone else has applied for college of Marin's nursing program? We should be hearing back soon from what I've heard.

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Wrong thread this is for established or those wanting a school nurse position.


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Thread moved to General Nursing Student forum. Good luck.

Hi I applied also, and waiting to hear from them. Someone told me it is this week or the next….!

Fingers crossed!

I tried emailing them to ask how many people applied, but I never got a response. Waiting is the hardest part!

Did you apply anywhere else?

I go to the College of Marin and took all my prereqs, so I know about 10 people who are also applying here. I think someone said that there were a lot of applicants this year, but I don't know the number. Yes it is the hardest waiting!

I only applied Sonoma State, but I didn't get in. I really didn't have an intention to go there since it's a long commute, but the news still disappointed me!

Did you applied anywhere else?

So then you know a lot about their program I'm guessing. I like that they take a smaller amount of students. Last year I heard about 150 students applied so I hope it's not too much more than that. I really hope I get in!

I took all of my classes at the SRJC. I applied to COM, SRJC, CCSF and Glendale community college. I know that CCSF gets a lot of applications plus their nclex pass rate isn't the best.

We should be hearing soon though. I'm pretty nervous!

Yea it is nerve-recking! I know someone who got in last year with a number in 80s, and she told me that she finally heard that she's in the program in July. I hope I don't have to wait that long!

Wow, that's horrible! And this was at COM? I hope we get lucky this time around and get low lottery numbers! The waiting is killing me. Have you taken the TEAS?

Sorry for the delay in reply! It's been a bit hectic.

Yes I am just praying for a good, low number!!!!

They should be contacting us pretty soon. I think I will go to the department tomorrow and try to get some info, like when we will hear from them and how many applied..

Yup I took TEAS already since I needed to apply SSU.

Unfortunately, I had a car problem that morning and barely made it to the test, so my score was not as good as I wanted….I got a score in 80s, even though I was hoping to get it in 90s! Oh well.:yuck:

I completely understand!

I'm taking it on Friday at napa valley college. I'm a little nervous but have been studying for a while. Let me know if you get any information when you go. We should be hearing this week I would think.

I went the nursing department and was told that we won't be notified until June....Apparently, the number of applicants was between 150-200...:arghh:

When I talked to a counselor they told me that we should know this week, because they have to notify us when to take the teas. Now I'm nervous!

Are you sure it's 150-200 applicants? bc my counselor told me it was 114 people. May be I miss heard and it was 140. :eek:

Yeah it does seem like a lot! I didn't think it would be in the 200's, but who knows.

Yea that's what I thought. It was a nursing professor who told me about it, so she may not know about the exact procedure. I am wondering if I should go again, but I don't want to be a pest…

Good luck on the TEAS! The problems are not that bad if you can calculate manually and took science classes recently. I got hang up with some English questions since it is my second language.

I feel pretty ready. I've been studying everyday for the past couple weeks. Just a lot of reviewing. I started a new job today so that slowed me down a little but I still feel pretty good.

I think that we have all received different information from talking to people. No one seems to be on the same page. We should find out soon enough I guess.

Whoops I didn't see jangong91's post earlier!

What a nursing professor told me was "several hundred," but less than 200.

Last year was about 150, so 114 sounds a bit low. The less the number, the better it is!