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  1. by   lynnintn
    I believe her post was meant to be satirical.
  2. by   tewdles
    Quote from lynnintn
    I believe her post was meant to be satirical.
    Yeah, we got that...
    ...satire in an angry, "let me show you how ridiculous the lefties are" sort of fashion.

    I get that some "conservatives" despise what they perceive as "extreme left" politics. The same might be said to be true for "progressives" who also despise "extreme right" politics. Most of us fall in the middle between the extremes...and that is where we want to be governed, frankly.

    The reality is that when people use "extremes" to villify those with whom they disagree, they, themselves, look and sound like an extremist. The ability to listen, hear, and value the opinions of others (even if you don't agree) is not currently part of our public discourse and the ability of our political leaders to do their jobs is hampered by this climate of all or nothing.
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  3. by   brillohead
    How about a "just let it go, everyone" fashion for a change?

    The finger-pointing gets sooooo old, and with an election year on top of everything else, we're bombarded constantly with left vs right crap in every facet of our daily lives -- can't we get a reprieve here on AN?

    NOTE: This isn't directed at any one person -- just wanted to clarify that. I'm sick of righties yelling at lefties and at lefties yelling at righties. Of course, most of us live in a free country, and you are under no obligation to let it go -- just a suggestion.
  4. by   Ruthfarmer
    It boils down to fear. Personal and group fears foster the all or nothing mentality. Some folks feel threatened and some how feel diminished by the thought that someone else might have a differing perspective. Some folks are limited in their coping skills when it comes to dissonance. The fear causes them to lash out in anger. It becomes a very entrenched habit to respond irrationally and in anger. It almost becomes reflexive. This reflex prevents them from considering another point of view. It's a viscous cycle of fear of being diminished and reflexive anger response that prevents people from considering another point of view. It stifles personal growth on many levels.

    It's a shame that some folks can't just view a discussion forum as an opportunity to discuss issues and be exposed to differing points of view. Some of us view it as an opportunity for learning from another's experience.

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