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during national nurses week and throughout the year, seiu nurses feel we should be united, not divided --with other nurses, with other healthcare workers, with patient care advocates--to work for... Read More

  1. by   Iam46yearsold
    I do not see it that way. They have done a lot for filling their coffers, and expanding their power. But accomplishing a lot, I do not see it.
  2. by   lily2008
    I agree with you for once 46. I was talking with a friend that works for them in Reno the other day and the wage scale they bargained there is ridiculous. You top out at like 34$ per hour but in Vegas its well over 40, for the same hospital chain. I know you can say cost of living or whatever but from what she says Reno isn't 14000$ a year cheaper to live in.
  3. by   K98
    I belonged to the ATU as a transit worker for 25 years prior to retiring and returning to college to become an RN. The ATU gave us tangible benefits, negotiated good contracts for us, managed our pension fund in a manner which actually led to it being overfunded, and did not continually harangue us with political materials at election time. All of this for 21.80 per month versus 60.00 a month for no representation and political harassment from the SEIU. The RNs at our facility are becoming more incensed with take "pay up and shut up" attitude of the SEIU, and are beginning to speak more and more of decertifying the union. I don't know that going non-union is a great idea, but I would tell RNs that are thinking of unionizing to consider their representation carefully.
  4. by   herring_RN

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