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We have several residents who speak only Portuguese. They are alert and oriented and easily able to converse in their native language. However we don't always have Portuguese speaking staff available. Should we be coding "ability to understand" and "ability to be understood" as always (0) since the resident is 100% able to converse appropriately in his native language ...or usually (1) because therer is not always a portuguese speaking staff member available to speak with him?

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I believe the RAI manual states to code understanding in native language "however able". I'd imagine if you put "usually understood" on some clear, AAOx3 with no other deficits that would result in an inaccuarate picture of the resident, and probably a citation...

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Code "0". They can understand and make self understood. Not their fault you can't provide someone with their language. I usually make sure that it is well documented that family states they have no difficulty communicating in native language.

Refer to RAI under communication section.