CNM's during labor?

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We have about 5 CNM's in my area and all of them act like doctors. We call them just in time for them to get there to catch and then they are out the door. I really don't know what they do all day I guess they must see allot of GYN patients or do office appointments for the OB's becuse they don't do many deliveries.

I have heard that in other area's the CNM labors with the patient.

what are your experances with this?

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We have some great CNM's at our place, Dayray. As a rule, they try to be there for the patient while she is in active labor. The CNM group at our hospital puts one of their midwives on call for that reason. The other two in the group handle the office. Women choose a midwife over a doctor partly for the close labor support where I am, but maybe that is different elsewhere?


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all 3 places I've worked at, the CNM's do NOT labor with the pt's as much as ppl think they do, but they do give a little extra support, and coaching, rather than just in and out like docs. The facility I'm at now, the midwives are more like docs, but they do a little extra teaching. I was used to less interventions with midwives, but here that's not the case, this place is like everybody CYA to the point of over doing it.


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we have 3 midwives and they usually try to stay with and labor their patients. but they are very busy and see lots of patients in the office so sometimes they are not there as much as others.but they are here much longer than the docs they push with their patients labor them clean them etc.ours are very good:)

even if they do cut into my job some:)


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Our midwives tend to be like docs as well. I know of one who actually labors with her patients.


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My midwife stayed in the hospital while I was laboring, and she did offer some coaching. My sister also had her when she delivered and she was in and out during the day. In the early phase she went to the office and saw a few patients. During the later phase she stayed close by.

With me, She was the only one who checked my progress and that was nice. I would have her again if I ever got pregnant because I liked her a lot and felt much more comfortable than when I had a doctor.



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We have one midwife who pretty much pops in for delivery.


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My midwife was the reason I plan on going on to become one.

She was fabulous. I saw her through the whole pg and then she was an awesome advocate for me when I was refusing pain meds ( I know...sounds nuts) and others were pushing for it. Then she was with me most of my active labor and hung around a long while after delivery and suturing.

Loved her!!!! So, it appears to be more of a case-by-case situation than an "area" one.

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