CNA's that run the unit...advice please!

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I see two separate concerns... I would personally focus first on how the CNA was treating the residents. In my book, this is a totally separate issue. I'm a new nurse and sometimes struggle with how to address CNA concerns, but if it involved how a resident is treated or cared for I would address that immediately through the proper channels.

I guess I'm lucky, the CNA's that love to give new nurses a hard time do provide wonderful, respectful care to our residents. I think I'm slowly making some headway at addressing these issues, some are even resolving themselves as the CNA's learn to trust me with "their" residents:)

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Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and ideas! I have already told my 3rd shift CNA's that they need to come to me with any issues. I hope that once these two realize that I am not going to allow their abuse to anyone in the building they will save it for another nurse.


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Pick your fights. If nothing is happening to your CNAs that is detrimental in a serious way, just let things roll. You probably have bigger fish to fry and so do the CNAs on your shift. Tell them to blow off the troublemakers and do the same yourself.

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