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CNA Training & ADN Together


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Hi Girls,

I just found out that my CNA training that I thought would start October 20th is full and the class that I'm in won't start until January 9th. If I'm accepted to the ADN program, the semester starts on January 16th. The CNA training will end on February 13th. So there will be an overlap for less than a month (plus the study for the cert. exam).

I'll be taking the first 8 credit nursing course and A&P II. CNA training will be M-F days and Nursing Course will be 2 nights during the week and 2 days EOW. A&P II will be in there somewhere. My question is how intense do y'all CNA's think a 5 week CNA course will be.

Just wondering if I'll be biting off more than I can chew. I also am Mom to a 2.5 (at that time) year old.

Comments, suggestions, pep rallies all welcome. Whatever it takes. :chuckle

Kind regards,

IF you can handle the sleep deprivation....you should be okay! ;)

Foy my ADN we had to be CNA certified by ADMISSION to the program....so this wasn't an issue for me.

I also did a 5 or 6 week CNA program. The first portion was straight lecture, and the second half was straight clinical. The hardest part of the clinical portion was sleep deprivation because we had to be a the clinical site at 0600 hrs and we stayed for 8-10 hours (depending on the day.) I had 3 itty bitty kids at the time. (I was breastfeeding one too!) So....I just realized I had to "make it" through x number of days and I would be done....deal with it. KWIM???

For my ADN program, we had 6 weeks of lecture to start out with in the first semester, no clinical.

See if you can get a schedule of when the lecture, clinical, and test times will occur for your ADN program, and compare it to the schedule for the CNA program. IMHO, the CNA program does not take alot of "study" time, but it does require a lot of "physical effort" which can be VERY fatiguing. FYI - After 10 days of CNA clinical, I was actually HALLUCINATING on a camping trip that my family had planned because I was so darned TIRED!!!!!! (They all still LAUGH at me about it ;)

Also, assess your level of determination. If you really WANT this.. you CAN do it. If will most likely be a very difficult month. BUT.. it is "ONLY" a MONTH. In the grand scheme of things, if you really WANT to be a nurse....YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

By the way... see if you can get on a waiting list for the October class. People do tend to drop out at the last minute..


Before you decide, why don't you call the facility where you would like to work as a CNA and see what their requirements are. Some will accept a semester of nursing school clinical in lieu of the CNA training.

I agree with kimtab, a few hospitals I have spoken to around here have said we'll hire you as a CNA after your first clinical rotation. Then, after your first year they make you a nurse extern ( I don't know what the difference is)


Specializes in Trauma ICU, MICU/SICU. Has 4 years experience.

Thanks for all your advice girls.

christinemj: I think I will call and find out if I can get in if there's a waiting list. I will have to take some pre-hire testing first and the soonest they could get me in for that was dec. 3rd. Maybe they'll get a cancellation for that as well.

bonjovigirl (love that screen name :chuckle ) and kimtab: this hospital allows you to be a Professional Nurse's Assistant after 2 semesters of clinical. I need to work PT while in school so I'd rather get it done before the semester.

Again, thanks everyone.

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After first semester, they call it a "nurse associate" position according to my school. It's CNA without the C I guess?

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