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Hi, I recently completed my CNA course and started looking for jobs through agencies. One particular agency call me, I filled out the application, the same day I got called to attend orientation. At the orientation, I signed everything I had to sign and was given a name tag. But now it's been weeks, with no start date; I called them and they told me if they don't call me, it's because they don't have a case for me yet. Is this normal or did they hire me just in case they might need and should I start looking elsewhere?

Yes look elsewhere.

I don't understand what type of work the agency does? Home health care? Provide sitters for hospitals?

Also simply call the the agency. Ask if or when you might be expected to get an assignment. Tell them you need a paycheck and will have to apply for other jobs if they don't have any work for you.

I work for a home health/private duty agency and it took 2 months for them to get me on cases. But once they did, I had full time hours. Been there almost a year and a half now with no trouble getting hours. Those first 2 months were terrible though.

Working for agencies, it's not a bad idea to have two or even three that you work for, then you can have a few cases you are assigned to if you are private duty. If a patient gets discharged or hospitalized you will still have work. If it's not home care then there are more per diem shifts available to choose from if one agency is slow.

Larger companies tend to have more contracts so they may have more open shifts available when you first start.

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