Where to go from here...that is the question

  1. So, I just passed my state test last saturday. SUPER STOKED! It feels like the hardest part is over, and a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Getting a job actually seems like a REALITY now!

    So now, I'm just wondering where to apply and when...I'm in Dayton, OH, and it seems like there are CNAs EVERYWHERE here! There are just a few problems I'm having, that I'm going to be totally honest about.

    1. The most minor of them all...I'm going to school for occupational therapy, and have to have the job bend around my schedule a bit. If I could just be a weekend warrior, that would be great.

    2. I don't drive, but I DO have a reliable mode of transportation, so that shouldn't be a HUGE issue.

    3. This is the big one.....when I was younger, I bounced between relatives a LOT, moved around, switched schools, etc. It got so bad that I dropped out when I was 16. The last highschool I went to was in Columbus, for a day so I could officially withdraw, and I don't remember the name of it.

    Here's the good news...I DID get my GED last year. (obviously, or I wouldn't be in college.) I just don't know what to put in the "highschool" section, and I don't just want to leave it blank....it looks bad. But truly, I have bettered myself. I have a 4.0, for christ's sake, so this is very frustrating...I need this job.

    Any advice???
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  3. by   classykaren
    You can get into Harvard with a GED nothing to be ashamed of
  4. by   CandAmommy
    In that section, just put the date with the year you got your GED and where you were when you got it. Congrats on passing your skills test!
  5. by   ohiogyrl
    Congrats! I agree with everyone just put the date you received your ged. Put something like GED received ________ and leave it at that. Good luck on finding a job. I just recently passed my state exam too so I know exactly how you feel =)
  6. by   adorblepuppy
    I would do like the others said just put the ged information. Alot of applications have just high school or tech school cause they know alot of people didn't finish high school. I didn't know about the harvard thing. That is neat. Not that i plan to go to harvard or anything lol
  7. by   mncna08
    well first off let me tell you some places are very flexible. i started my one job and then i started school and after i told her i could work more, i ended up only working every other weekend. thats pretty flexible and part time lol but i picked up another job on my weekend off, so i juist work weekends, wich is nice because i go to school during the week. another thing is that a lot of them understand that a lot of cnas and such are in school or planning on going to school. just give a heads up! i also recieved my g.e.d im just as happy with that as a regular diploma! and lots of colleges eccept them! good luck