Scared about not passing

  1. I just started my CNA class last week and I'm very excited about, even knowing what it will entail once I get a job. I am trying to take everything in, but I am so nervous I'm not going to pass. We have to pass the skills test, and multiple choice test before we can take the state test. We will have 3 practice days, today being the first one. Can anyone put my mind at ease??? I'm taking it through the red cross here in MA.
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  3. by   Taffey
    I am sure you will do just fine. Take good notes and review them every day.
  4. by   sunflower777
    Don't be nervous! take lots of notes, ALWAYS ask questions if you're unsure about anything in the text book or while in clinicals...and also it's very important that you ask the instructor about the state exam while taking clinicals..what helped me was when I asked ?'s on what the examiner looked for etc...when you are done with the class it's best to take the state exam right after because if you don't use it, you lose it..practice, practice, will be fine
  5. by   mncna08
    i took mine throught the red cross as well. i did just fine!!! just relax, when you get too worried and worked up about missing things, you tend to miss the small things.
    imagine how i felt when she almost didnt pass my skills test because i put the wrong arm in first when dressing someone with a bad arm! i was nearly sick! lol but she let me do it again. and the written tests....common sense!!.

    i was also nervous about my state test. i just told myself, if i dont pass i will take it again, it will not be the end of the world. i was kinda a mess in my skills test, but they know you are nervous. i did just fine and passed. the written state test is also quite easy. just pay attention, dont goof around and enjoy the ride! you will do just fine! best wishes to you!
  6. by   tishirajan
    You will do fine! The written tests are common sense like mncna08 stated. The skills test is no problem either. Just pace yourself, don't be in a hurry and just follow the procedures as you were taught. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask.

    Best of wishes to you and keep us informed on how it all goes. You're going to do great!