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  1. I'm a CNA at a assisted living facility. A couple of weeks ago we got two new residents, one is a sweetheart, and the other one, not near as much. She was nice at first but after about a week, she flipped residents' opinions of me because of supper. I work seconds and just in the short time she's been there she's turned two residents that used to love me againste (I only have 14 residents on my side, it is only a 32 max resident facility so it's pretty significant if 3 residents hate me.) I'm now dreading going to a job I used to love because she constantly makes snappy complaints. Today her tater tots got cold so I offer a solution and offer to warm them up but she gets insistent on not and then she ends up saying as I'm talking to one of the residents that now hates me because of her "you knos what I'll just solve it myself" then says "thanks" and I say "you're welcome" trying to have proper manners and as I'm walking away she goes "for nothing." I was helping a resident during supper(and no they didn"t have to wait to get their food because I sit their food out with insulated lids before I get anyone up.) and as I'm helping this resident I hear her and the other two talking about me cause I'm not out there "He shouldn't have a jump anymore." "He doesn't earn his keep" "I still need my coffee and he's nowhere to be found" one of my other residents that still walks by and I say "Hey [insert resident's name]" And when they realized I was in there tjey kept complaining and they make me feel so useless and are making me hate my job. I'm dreading going back tomorrow because I don't like to get upset. But today after I gave all the residents their coffee and made sure they were squared away I had to run into rhe bathroom and just bawled my eyes out. Walking out of my job really was tempting. I told the nurse and all she has to say was "some of these people are just impossible to please". I just don't like hating my job.
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  4. by   Missingyou
    Your nurse is right, some people are just hard to please.
    Think of it this way. This new resident clearly isn't happy to be where they are and unfortunately you are the one that is on the receiving end of their unhappiness. This resident has just lost their independence, their home...... and at the very least, has lost a routine that they were use to.

    There really isn't anything that you can do to make this person happy. Just don't take anything they say personally. I know it's hard sometimes. Just ignore the attitude and continue to be polite and do your job.

    Sometimes, in the nursing home where I work, if a resident clearly dislikes a CNA for what ever reason (or no reason at all), they will be switched with another CNA. Talk to your nurse and mention that this resident may be happier if they were assigned to another CNA.
  5. by   Orion81RN
    99.999% of the time I remain professional. There are those very few occassions where I am outright blunt with a&0 x3 patients. I'm not suggesting this, just saying what I personally may be pushed to do.

    Walk up to that resident while they are speaking of me in front of another resident, acknowledge I understand that they have lost a sense if independence, but that I go to work looking forward to helping people only to be verbally abused by people I am so desperately trying/wanting to help and that it is very hurtful.

    Again, not a suggestion, but it worked for me one time when I couldn't help but have tears well up in my eyes right then and there. That person apologized and was sweet as could be afterwards.
  6. by   Crystal-Wings
    As long as you don't have any problems with your coworkers and the other residents don't seem to have issues with you, I wouldn't worry about it. Next time they say something about you, just consider the source: they are old, probably have dementia, and are bitter about having to live in a nursing home.
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    I've had something similar with one client last year she would talk bad about me to other people in her building , and do things to make me look bad I can't imagine dealing with 14 of them that is hard ; I'm glad it was only for one month but I know how you feel it can really stress you out I would look for another company to work in .