Nurse Assistant experience worth it?

  1. So I recently got my license for nurse assisting. It is currently mid-November and I start my nursing program in January. Is it worth trying to work as an NA for such a short period of time? Or should I just settle for volunteering at a hospital and learn what I can from that? I mostly just want experience more than anything.
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Can you not work part-time during school? Seems like it would be a benefit- even if just one day per weekend.
  4. by   A_Nurse_Assistant
    Well perhaps. People can make it sound like its impossible to work part time as a CNA but if you think so then I am willing to try.
  5. by   meanmaryjean
    I worked full time during nursing school- and many, many people here have too. One day a week is totally doable if you keep up on your studies.

    Best wishes!
  6. by   thecareerchanger
    I think getting NA experience will be super beneficial, especially when you graduate and start looking for jobs. Why can't you work part-time or per diem? I worked per-diem/part-time as a unit secretary while attending an accelerated BSN program with a family so I am sure you can manage. Like meanmaryjean the majority of my classmates worked or had some type of "side hustle" while completing their BSN (a few students with kids like me) and they got through it just fine.
  7. by   strawberrying
    Hello there!

    I got my CNA certificate around July and started to work full time while being a full time nursing student. I am just applying to SFSU's nursing program for Fall 2019. In my opinion, I believe that the CNA experience will help and get you ready for actual nursing. Sure, it is the "dirty work" of nursing but you get so much out of it rather than volunteering. And plus, you get paid!

    As of right now, I'm trying to rack up my hours so I have a higher chance for getting into the program. It is hard work but if you keep up with your studies (4.0 student as of right now as well as working full time) you'll have a beneficial experience from it!