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  1. A_Nurse_Assistant

    Discouraged CNA

    I worked my first week in a LTC facility. The guy training me, he's obviously a very experienced CNA and one day when the shift ends he basically tells me I am doing nothing compared to him and the nurse on duty. This was sixth day ever as a CNA, I had been working on what I could all day, but then he just goes and tells me that I need to step up and makes me feel, well, really discouraged and it makes dread going back to hear that I am not good enough. But my case is valid, right? I am willing to learn and get better, but isn't making mistakes part of the process?
  2. A_Nurse_Assistant

    Nurse Assistant experience worth it?

    Well perhaps. People can make it sound like its impossible to work part time as a CNA but if you think so then I am willing to try.
  3. A_Nurse_Assistant

    Nurse Assistant experience worth it?

    So I recently got my license for nurse assisting. It is currently mid-November and I start my nursing program in January. Is it worth trying to work as an NA for such a short period of time? Or should I just settle for volunteering at a hospital and learn what I can from that? I mostly just want experience more than anything.

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