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  1. strawberrying

    CSUS Sacramento State Fall 2019

    Hello! I am still thinking of applying (I'm on the verge of not applying) because of my low point score of 66 (which isnt even guranteed) GPA : 4.0 = 40 pts TEAS : 87.3 = 16 pts Healthcare 100+ = 3 pts No omits = 2 pts No Repeated = 2 pts Bilingual = 3 (still a maybe, still have to take the test..) Totals : 63-66 I just need to do the test and submit the application along with the documentation. At this point, I don't know if I should continue and submit. My problem is that I live in Daly City, a long way from Sacramento. Not sure if I want to work THAT hard for 3 measly points...
  2. strawberrying

    SFSU FALL 2019 BSN

    Hello milkteas! I was actually following your thread on the SP 2018 SFSU one. And yeah, I haven’t gotten any emails or any confirmation whatsoever from them.
  3. strawberrying

    SFSU FALL 2019 BSN

    I actually retook my TEAS and now my score is an 87.3!
  4. strawberrying

    Nurse Assistant experience worth it?

    Hello there! I got my CNA certificate around July and started to work full time while being a full time nursing student. I am just applying to SFSU's nursing program for Fall 2019. In my opinion, I believe that the CNA experience will help and get you ready for actual nursing. Sure, it is the "dirty work" of nursing but you get so much out of it rather than volunteering. And plus, you get paid! As of right now, I'm trying to rack up my hours so I have a higher chance for getting into the program. It is hard work but if you keep up with your studies (4.0 student as of right now as well as working full time) you'll have a beneficial experience from it!
  5. strawberrying

    SFSU FALL 2019 BSN

    Hello everyone! I am a fellow pre-nursing student ar SFSU trying to apply for Fall 2019. This post seems quite early since we are still trying to submit everything by January but I thought it would be good to start this now rather than later! You guys can comment your stats down below! Mine are GPA: 4.0 Prereq GPA: 4.0 TEAS: 80.7 200 hours of volunteering (combined) at 2 different hospitals (SFGH and UCSF) 800+ hours of working as a CNA in a skilled nursing facility and rehab center I currently a Certified Nursing Assistant I am bilingual, proficient in Tagalog and English No multicultural work/volunteer My TEAS score isn't as competitive as I want it to be but hopefully my other assets would make up for it!