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  1. Hey all. I'm new here. And i'm DESPARATELY trying to get into the nursing field. I've done private home health care for 5 almost 6 years now, without a certification. And my client just got transferred to a nursing home. I am at a loss. I have no job and no one will hire me without a certification. I have NO CLUE where to find training programs. and i need to get a job ASAP. Could someone please point me in the right direction of some training classes???? I'm desparate! thanks for listening. *i'm outside of philly, if that helps*

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    Hello- I got my certificate through the local community college. I do know also that the Red Cross offers the classes as well. Good Luck.
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    In my area many nursing homes have their own CNA training programs and they will pay you while you are in taining. I suggest you contact local nursing homes.
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    I did my CNA training through the Red Cross and it was an excellent program. I had a hospital job waiting on me the day I graduated (before taking state boards), and others had jobs weeks before we even completed the program. We were told most hospitals (at least, in this area) would waive experience requirements for new grads from Red Cross because the program was known to be so in-depth and intensive. It was quite a bit more expensive than going through the community college (cost $750), but I think it was worth it.
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    I also took the RED CROSS program-
    3wks accelerated course + 1 week of clinicals

    It was great
    I recommend it to anyone!

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    hi im also having trouble finding programs for in elgin illnois i know its one at the local community college but they just cancelled that one so can someone please help me.jay
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    Hello jelle,

    I went to google and did a search for 'nurse aide training Illinois'.

    Perhaps this page will help -