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I have been reading a couple of threads here lately about CNAs who are discouraged, need support, or have questions about their new job (or on how to GET that first job). This saddens me, because I... Read More

  1. by   yousoldtheworld
    ^ This is very similar to how I used to give bedbaths.

    Unfortunately, my facility now prohibits bed pads (for incontinence...which makes no sense, because every single one of our residents is incontinent) so I can no longer use so much water. So, I just do my best - head to toe with soap, then with a wet rag to rinse, then with lotion, then with a towel. For the hair, most of the time I just comb it or wipe it with a damp rag (or in rare instances, no rinse shampoo). Our residents get showers every other day, so they don't have the opportunity for their hair to get too dirty.

    For daily purposes, I don't think there's one "right" way to give a bedbath, as long as the resident gets clean and infection control rules are followed, to be honest.
  2. by   BeezRN
    thanks guys..bed pan is a great idea. Most of my residents are in isolation so they can just take bed baths. I guess i wasn't doing such an improper bed bath and thanks for giving me better ideas
  3. by   kserasera
    Worried about careless mistakes.
  4. by   CNA2day
    I use a toothbrush with mouth wash on it if they have teeth, this way I at least can get the junk off the teeth, if they do not have teeth i use mouthwash with a toothette.

    I use a toothbrush and toothpaste only if they can spit it back out!
  5. by   y&rfan84
    Well, this is not to make anyone angry, or think I'm racial in anyway so please hear me out. I just started a new job as a CNA. I work three days out of the week. On weekends, I work with 3 other CNA'S who are all mexican. No problem there. My problem is that whenever we all sit together all they do is talk spanish. I only speak english so I do not understand what they are saying. I find it rude, and I dont feel included in the conversation. I feel like an outsider. I know they can speak english, because they all talk to me in english if I have a question or if they need to tell me something. I have thought about telling them to talk english at all times, but I'am the new girl and do not want to cause trouble with them. Or get them to dislike me to where they will not help me when I'am on the floor by myself. I have tried to get the conversation turned over to english by talking, but it goes back to spanish between them. How do I handle this?