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  1. kserasera

    CNA personalities ... revisited

    I think I'm the workhorse & the ****. I work and work until I can't take it anymore and then I become the **** because I'm so miserable being there.
  2. kserasera

    FED UP CNAS!!!!

    I agree with everyone saying that CNA's do a lot of jobs that belong to other people. Our CNA responsibilities are to pick up, pass out, set up and clean up the food. To clean up the rooms, take out trash everytime there is a dirty depend in the bag, make the beds, clean wheel chairs, and do the laundry. We do vitals and put creams and prescribed ointments that are the RNs responsibilities on the residents. Plus, if you're not on the nurse's favorites list, you end up being the one that does everything while the favorites sit it out and chat. I'm sick and tired of the drama that goes on at work with the nurse's siding with their favorites who slack off, while I'm having to rush and pick up their jobs, then having them complain about me not doing my job and reporting me for every little thing that they can to get me kicked out. The duties are already enough stress but the coworker drama that is added on with it is even more stressful. I don't want to pick up more days or hours because I am unappreciated and mistreated.
  3. kserasera

    Anyone Bipolar???

    thanks jahra. I will do that.
  4. kserasera

    Being called in too much?

    Truthfully, it's because you always say yes and they know it. It's okay to say no if you don't feel like you can work that day or it's too much for you. I have learned to say, "No, I'm sorry. I have plans." Or "I'll think about it. I'll call you and let you know." because I couldn't say no with them looking at me intently but I could when I was at home.
  5. kserasera

    Negative experience on first day

    When I first started being a CNA in a Rehab/Nursing home, everything that was done shocked me. I was lost in what I was supposed to do because it wasn't what I was taught. I did what I learned in class but after a while of having coworkers not wanting to work with me, complaining of me being really slow and not getting people up on time, I realized I needed to pick up the pace. Nobody taught me the short cuts. I had to learn it the hard way. I would tell you how it was done in our facility but I'm sure you'd be appalled. I always tell students who come in for clinicals that when you start to work in a facility, things are done differently from what we are taught and that being a CNA we can't always go by the book. I tell them that because it's the truth.
  6. kserasera

    Stress management

    I am getting really stressed out and frustrated from having to deal with patients and dealing with coworkers. I go home a mess; physically and mentally exhausted. I'm just wondering how many of you deal with the stress. How can you keep being positive?
  7. kserasera

    stressed out

    This is exactly how I'm feeling too. I just came back home from a very stressful night. I'm thinking the above advices are a good choice to think about. Because it depends on the environment and the people you're working with to make you work better. Plus, you have to think about yourself and how it's affecting your wellbeing.
  8. kserasera

    want to quit my CNA job, need advice

    This is my first CNA job and I had started out working an AM shift. It was so stressful; I felt rushed and was not able to give good care for my residents. My coworkers did not want to help me out and criticized me when I was slow and made mistakes. Some residents were really hard to take care of. You need to have a lot of patience for them. After I transferred to PMs, I was able to work better because it was more relaxed as we had more time to get people ready. But still, I had coworkers who rushed to get everyone into bed by 7PM or ones who didn't do anything but sit by the nurses station and talk with the supervisor. I would pick up their slack by doing more people, answering lights, and special job duties. The residents would then complain or make demands when I was busy. They would be unappreciative and degrade me. The nurses would then get angry at me for not doing this or that. It has made me less compassionate and sympathetic towards my residents. i have been losing sleep due to being anxious. Which, has caused me to make a lot of careless mistakes due to not being able to concentrate and think clearly.
  9. I am getting burnt out too from working with so much stress and drama. I would like to rant about my workplace but it'll be a long story. I know this is horrible but I am feeling less compassion and sympathy for my residents.
  10. kserasera

    New CNAs have questions or need encouragement?

    Worried about careless mistakes.
  11. kserasera

    Anyone Bipolar???

    I am bipolar and am having a very hard time at work. I have told no one about my diagnosis but I'm sure they know something is wrong and are making their own "she's crazy" diagnosis. The place where I work is not very understanding of mental health issues. I have not been able to sleep for several days now due to the stress and anxiety. I know that it has caused me to make a lot of mistakes because I can't concentrate, I can't talk, and I feel like I'm running around all the time. Right now, I am really worried that my mistakes will get me fired. It's not anything that would kill someone but just careless mistakes. This makes me even more stressed out because I can't quit, my financial situation right now is not good. I realize my mistakes and will try to be more careful, but I'm always scared now that ANY kind of mistake will get me kicked out. How do you cope?