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  1. HI Everyone!! My name is Rachel and I will be starting a CNA program in a few weeks! I am very excited and very nervous! I would love to talk to other CNA's who could answer some questions for me before I get myself into this!! LOL I definatly want to do it, I have always wnated to be a nurse so I figured this would be a good first step. I am planning on going on for my LPN in 2 years when my husband is done with school. I am not a very good test taker and I am concerned about passing my state exam, any words of encouragment? anyone know where I can get some sample questions or anything?

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  3. by   4evrhisma
    hi rachel!
    i'm in the same boat, just starting a cna program. i found sample test and guides at this website. you can search by state (there's a link to sample tests on the left, and then see if your state is there.) it was helpful looking at them, and taking the sample written test. it also had what skills i may be tested on, and explains the testing process. hope it helps!
  4. by   casi
    I'm sure it depends on the state, but I found that the written portions of the test contained a lot 'common sense' questions. Might not seem quite like common sense now, but once you start getting through the program it will ellicite the "duh" response. Hardest part of the test for me was the practicle test. The testers were very understanding and give you some leeway where you can step back and say "I would have raised the best first." <--link to promissor who does CNA testing for a lot of states. This is the page where the list the states and have practice quizes
  5. by   SydnieRN
    I just wanted to send a big thank you to all of you CNA's! I am a new grad from an RN program and I work with some WONDERFUL CNA's. At the hospital i did clinical at they weren't so great but at the LTC facility I am working at they are just the best! The CNA's make you or break you! It is a tough job you have and I feel like sometimes the RN's don't treat them as they should, they don;t realize how valuable you are! As well as to the pts because you get so much more interaction with them then other nurses. I just wish I would have worked as a CNA first, I would know so much more now!
  6. by   natrgrrl
    I am just finishing my CNA class. The best advice I can give you is to not worry about the testing. Study your class material, pay attention in labs and keep your eyes open during clinical. After all these things are over...then study for your tests.
    I say tests because I have 3 final tests to take. Tomorrow morning is my class final. Then I have the state written exam on Friday and the state skills exam on Monday. Wish me luck.

    You will do fine in your class and on the test(s) and congratulations on taking a big step toward your future career.

  7. by   chadash
    One thing I remember about my CNA program was that the teachers really wanted us to succeed. They will prepare you for your testing, and clinicals, and if you just follow their lead, it will go great!
    Good luck with school in the future, I do think the CNA work will help decide what you want to do. I would encourage you to get all the education and training you can.