Male CNA having troble finding job after being fired

  1. 6 months ago i had a full-time job at an ALF in there memory unit and got fired due to some employee conflict. Ive applied to almost all ltc, alf, hospitals here in my area and cant seem to get a call back from anywhere. My boyfriend who is also a CNA says that some places around here will not hire a male CNA because we're unreliable... Any advice on what i can do to get a call back from one of there places...
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  3. by   Bruce_Wayne
    You will find that the nurses of an area form a subculture and you need to be very careful about your reputation and how your actions are perceived by others because when you go job hunting somebody at that facility is going to know something about you. It's sounds silly but it seems like most nurses in an area will know of most of the other nurses in the area, especially if they're in the same field. So just do your best to make sure that when people talk about you it's good things.

    As far as you being male having anything to do about it, my personal experience and the few things I've read about the subject, says the exact opposite of what you're saying. As a male you're more likely to get hired, get raises, and get promoted. Also since you can't get pregnant you won't have to worry about job-gaping interfering with seniority when you do get a job.

    Also maybe broaden your search to include hospitals, adult day care centers, home health, and respite care.
  4. by   mvm2
    Quote from Bruce_Wayne
    Also maybe broaden your search to include hospitals, adult day care centers, home health, and respite care.
    Yes this
    There so many places around other then ltcs that hire CNAs, and being a male does give you an advantage sometimes. I work in Home care, and our male CNAs are valued a lot. Being at Home is a different enviroment, and especially with our hard transfer cases and such where it is helpful to have a CNA that has strength to help our clients.
    Also look around your area for veteran homes and hospitals. That might be a good match as well. Some Hospice and Rehab places take CNAs too. Keep looking and good luck
  5. by   blwilliams10
    Being that I am a male, I can tell you that this has never affected me at all. I work in LTC, we only have two male aids; a day shifter and me a night shifter. We are both valued by our facility, but are treated as equals amongst the females and I am in a very conservative rural area.

    As it has been stated I would expand your search area, and do some call backs. CNA's are in pretty high demand.
  6. by   MommaTy
    Let me tell you, all the male CNA's where I work are very reliable and are strong. Believe it or not our residents ask for the male CNAs. They are kind, gentle, yet strong. I enjoy working with the male CNAs, they aren't as catty as the female CNAs. LTC you will be able to get a job easier since they are usually more in demand for CNAs. Good luck, don't give up.
  7. by   mvm2
    Remember to Ask them before you leave the interview when you can expect a call from them about the job, and if they do not call, wait a day after the time and call them. This shows just how intrested you are to work for them, and may give you an edge for a final good impression at the end of the interview.
  8. by   jose2010
    Thanks for the respones guys... I forgot all about home health and hospice care... We do have alot of home health agenies around this area that i can apply to.
  9. by   mvm2
    I personally love home care. Love that I have one on one with my clients. Love my company allows me to pick my shifts and hours I work.
  10. by   funtimes
    Being a male CNA can be a double edged sword, but I've never heard the line about male aides being unreliable. From my experience the males aides call in sick far less than female aides.

    Usually the drawback in hiring male aides is in the fact some female patients don't want a male CNA or RN taking care of them, although that's been a surprisingly rare occurance in the hospital I work in, we do run into it from time to time. In LTC its probably more common because the residents aren't necessarily sick, and its more of a home environment. Its rare you have the opposite situation, where a male patient doesn't want a female taking care of them, although for some reason I've found male patients time and again are horrified at the thought of having a female hold a urinal for them, I can only guess because of the belief they are secretly measuring or judging their goods lol. I don't know how many times Ive had an RN im not assigned to or another CNA come find me and tell me I need to go help some patient hold a urinal because he wont let a woman do it.